Château de Juliénas
cuvée rosanna beaujolais village - Rosé - 2019

Beaujolais, Beaujolais Villages

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Château de Juliénas - cuvée rosanna beaujolais village - Rosé - 2019

Colour: Pale pink, rose petal tent, silver sheen Nose : Discreet first nose that opens up to fruity notes ( fruit, spices, spices). red) Palate: frank attack on the palate, nice freshness, notes of honey in mouth(acacia). Delicious wine, light, easy to drink

The word of the Winemaker, :

Discover a Beaujolais Village rosé, rose petal colour, with a nose of white fruits, peach, pear, very fresh in the mouth.

Contenance : 75cL - Contenant : Bouteille
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Bouteille 75cL
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Wine information


When ?

Serve between 9° and 10°, keep for up to 3 years.

How ?

Ideal for summer cooking but can be enjoyed all year round as an aperitif.

The Wine Estate

Château de Juliénas is 40 hectares of vines, most of which are cultivated in the Juliénas appellation (38 hectares) and 2 hectares dedicated to the Fleurie and Moulin-à-Vent wines. The oldest vines are more than 100 years old! Juliénas is surrounded by a landscape of hills, whose average altitude is 350m, covered with vines. These are located on a wide variety of soils: granite, limestone, clay... Diversity...



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