Domaine Coudoulis
cuvée s - Rouge - 2017

Vallée du Rhône, Lirac

Domaine Coudoulis - cuvée s - Rouge - 2017

We have reserved some of our most beautiful plots to make it happen. Drastic selection for a very limited series, only if the vintage allows it. Never more than 1200 bottles. All numbered. Ultra confidential availability therefore. For lovers of the genre, it will be a wonderful trip.

The word of the Winemaker, :

We had a dream about Syrah and bottled it! For a great vintage, it was necessary to have an exceptional and rare cuvée. A real little madness. A few hundred numbered vials only....

Contenance : 75cL - Contenant : Bouteille
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Bouteille 75cL
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Our sliding scale prices

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Wine information

  • Domain : Domaine Coudoulis
  • Year : 2017
  • Region : Vallée du Rhône
  • Appellation : Lirac
  • Classifications : Traditionnel - Agriculture Traditionnelle / Conventionnelle - Sans certification
  • Alcoholic degree : 15%
  • Grape : Dominante Syrah
  • Soil : argilo-calcaire & galets roulés


Gilbert et Gaillard 87/100 Gilbert et Gaillard 87/100
Robe soutenue, grenat. Nez mûr, proposant une vision juste du terroir méditerranéen, entre garrigue, fruit à noyau, épices. La bouche impose des saveurs riches et typées, sans excès de chaleur, avec beaucoup de profondeur. Robuste et tendre à la fois.


When ?

Cuvée S can be tasted now if you decant it. The principle of the two-stage rocket: the most patients will be entitled to an explosion of aromas in 2022, or even 2025.

How ?

In the kingdom of Syrah, cuvée S is the queen. It can require a rich and tasty, spicy cuisine... You can also demand the best from your butcher. A simulated rib of beef, for example, matured for about 50 days... Or so? A game in sauce

The Wine Estate

To adapt to its terroir, to bring the vine to life so that it can offer us the best. I try to be as authentic as possible: no fertilizer, no weedkiller, picking and sorting by hand is a choice... And when you get to know such an estate, it is an obligation.



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