Champagne Wine Tour

"I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I'm in love and when I'm not," said Coco Chanel. When we hear the word champagne we also hear festivities, special occasions, prestige and elegance. There is in fact no excuse to taste this noble sparkling wine.

The steps of our Champagne Wine Route :

  1. Champagne Gratiot-Delugny
  2. Champagne Météyer Père & Fils
  3. Champagne Charlier et Fils
  4. Champagne Guy Charbaut
  5. Champagne Philbert Père et Fils

Pinot noir, Pinot meunier, and Chardonnay are blended to offer us a high quality wine. Stroll between the terroirs of the region but also the city of Reims with its Gothic art. Come and discover a wide range of champagnes that is available to you. The appellation Champagne brings together world-famous brands such as Veuve-Clicquot, Moët et Chandon, Bollinger and many others....

Among the main cities in Champagne that you can visit there is: Reims, Troyes and Epernay

Les Grappes offers you an itinerary to start on the Champagne Wine Tour! Let yourself be carried away by the fabulous effervescence of Champagne and discover our favorite winegrowers.

Must-see wineries in Champagne

Champagne Gratiot-Delugny

This is the first area we recommend! Maison Champagne Gratiot-Delugny is located in Croûtes sur Marne in the Marne Valley, one hour from Paris and Reims. This House is passed down from father to son, and 10 hectares of vines are cultivated on clay-limestone soils. They grow the three most represented grape varieties in Champagne (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier). They also grow Petit Meslier, which has disappeared in most vineyards but to which they pay particular attention to make it a fine wine aged in oak barrels.

David Gratiot, son of Emile Gratiot, invites you to discover his wine cellars and the secret of Champagne winemaking followed by a tasting of their wines. David and his team will make you feel comfortable and will make you have an enriching and enjoyable time.

Champagne Météyer Père & Fils

This family business has existed for 6 generations. In the 1860s, Pierre Clément, a winegrower, inherited one hectare of vines and became the first in his village to install his own press in 1929. Today, Franck Météyer and his wife Anna cultivate 14 hectares of land. They work the plots as a family using sustainable viticulture methods. They preserve the animals and plants present in the vineyard. They cultivate the classic Champagne grape varieties, Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Some of their vines are over 70 years old and allow them to produce great vintages with the Miller. They offer 10 vintages to lovers of fine champagne bubbles.

Anna and Franck are open and offer you a warm welcome by showing you their "family museum" and the different stages of champagne winemaking. The experiences they offer are varied, fun and enriching, so you will be able to find your happiness.

Champagne Charlier et Fils

The Maison Charlier et Fils is the fruit of two families of true Champagne winegrowers. The Perrin family and the Charlier family have written together the history of this estate. Since the marriage of Carole Charlier and Yves Perrin, they have formed a single family. The Perrin family is at the head of Champagne Charlier et Fils. It is one of the last families to have maintained the conservation in large capacity barrels called "oak casks". Carole and Yves have been supported by their son Maxime since 2004, who has been working to ensure that Champagne Charlier et Fils maintains the same quality.

In this area you can admire the sculptures made on oak tuns dating from the last century. It is inside these beautiful vaulted cellars that you can also taste some of their champagnes. The Champagne vineyard will also be presented to you with the Champagne elaboration process.

Champagne Guy Charbaut

The history of this House dates back to 1936 when André Charbaut acquired his first lands in the village of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ in exceptional terroirs. André began to cultivate and work his vineyard in order to develop an exceptional brand. In 1999, they received foreign visits to the winery and set up guest rooms to welcome guests. This year marks the beginning of wine tourism in their house. Today, Xavier, his grandson, and his wife Nathalie are at the head of this Champagne House. Xavier meticulously continues to produce his wines and devotes himself entirely to his winery. He and his wife, concerned about the environment, want to establish a sustainable viticulture, respectful of Nature. They cultivate three different grape varieties on 20 hectares, Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay.

In love with their almost ancestral wine-growing and culinary heritage, Nathalie and Xavier would like to share their love with you. They invite you to discover their bi-century-old cellars and taste the House's Champagnes.

Champagne Philbert Père et Fils

The Philbert family has been present in the commune of Rilly-La-Montagne for six generations and has been growing in the vineyards. Today, Jérôme and Frédérique Philbert are at the head of Champagne Philbert et Fils. Their exploitation extends over 9.6 hectares on hillsides on calcareous soils. They cultivate the three main grape varieties, Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, to produce a quality wine. Pinot noir gives it body, miller gives it fruitiness and chardonnay elegance and finesse.

Today Frédérique and Jérôme invite you to discover their family farm and their Champagnes. You will discover the places necessary for the elaboration of the wine: the vineyard, the press, the vat room and the cellar. You will know everything about the exploitation and work of the vine, from pruning to the production of champagne. You will then taste some of their champagnes in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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