Provence Wine Tour

World famous for its rosé wines, the Provence wine region of the South of France is spread over several departments. Representing 40% of the national production, rosé is the pride of Provençal people. However, we must not neglect the high quality reds and whites that Provence has to offer. The Wine Tour of Provence takes you as close as possible to the winegrowers and makes you discover one of the most beautiful French heritages. It will also introduce you to local flavours and the voluptuous character of the region's wines.

The steps of our Provence Wine Route :

  1. Bandol Wine Tour
  2. Var Wine Tour
  3. Aix-en-Provence Wine Tour
  4. Saint-Tropez Wine Tour

Provence and its breathtaking landscapes ranging from the Côte d'Azur to the greenery of the hinterland will take you on a journey. This Provençal trip will give you a taste of holidays by enjoying landscapes worthy of a postcard and the warmth of the south.

On the Wine Road of Provence, do not forget to visit the villages perched on the Mediterranean coast, the mas covered with pink tiles and other hidden treasures of this region!

This road extends for nearly 200 km, from East to West, and leaves you with a wide range of possibilities to plan your own route. By bike or on foot, the southern weather is ideal for a trip to the Provençal vineyard.

Among the main cities in Provence that you can visit there is: Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Toulon and Avignon.

To give you a hand, Les Grappes offers you a quality itinerary to help you discover wine tourism and wines with sunny flavours.

Not to be missed in Provence


Located between Nice and Marseille, the Bandol Wine Tour offers you an idyllic route on the Mediterranean coast, also benefiting from its mild climate. Here, the winegrowers produce wines with strength and inimitable character. The red wines are powerful while the rosé and white wines are fresh fruity and remind us of the sun.

The grape variety of Bandol wines is Mourvèdre and is best enjoyed on the Bandol terraces overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The arid hills of this region will offer you breathtaking landscapes between land and sea. If you like hot weather, rosé and a southern accent: don't wait any longer, go on the Bandol Wine Route.

Spending an afternoon or a day in the Bandol vineyard but also in the city by the sea will make you live a unique experience, with friends, family or as a couple.

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On nearly 1,700 hectares of vines, the slopes of the Varois cover about thirty communes. More than 300 domains are to be discovered in the Var. Famous throughout the world for their rosé, the winegrowers of Provence practice an inimitable art and are an integral part of the local heritage. With a dry and fruity nose, a light pink colour and a beautiful length on the palate, the rosé is unique.

The Var department is covered with mountain ranges such as the Massif de l'Esterel, or the Massif des Maures. The exceptional sunshine, the warm and dry Mediterranean climate make the Var vineyards quality vineyards. The Var region is home to many grape varieties such as Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah for reds and rosés, or Rolle and Sémillon for whites. These grape varieties give birth to fresh and light rosés that are inimitable, very good wines to keep for reds, and whites that combine roundness and aromas.

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The municipality of Aix-en-Provence has an important cultural heritage. Because of its gastronomy, its good living, but also its fabulous landscapes like Mont Sainte-Victoire, it is loved by many tourists.

Going to the city and strolling through the colourful streets of Aix-en-Provence is a must to discover the Provençal way of life. From the Vendôme pavilion, to the Mirabeau courtyard and Saint Sauveur Cathedral, this city will not fail to charm you as it charmed the painter Cézanne before.

In the surroundings of the city you can visit the vineyards and meet winegrowers who will share their expertise with you. You can continue the route of Provençal wines, with the Coteaux d'Aix en Provence appellation, and discover mainly intense and fruity wines with red fruit aromas.

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Imagine a glass of rosé by hand and enjoying the Mediterranean climate where rains are rare and the sun is not lacking. Discover an exceptional terroir nestled between the Mediterranean and the Maures massif. This location offers ideal conditions for the development of the vine and thus offers a quality wine in an idyllic setting.

In Saint-Tropez, rosé is mainly produced. White and red wines are in the minority. Take the time to visit the city of Saint-Tropez, a flagship destination for celebrities and full of must-see places such as the Citadel or the port of Saint-Tropez.

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