Southwest Wine Tour

Also known as the “hidden corner of France”, the Southwest region is located between the Pyrenees and Spain in the South, Bordeaux in the North and the Atlantic Ocean in the West. The Southwest is the 5th largest wine region in France with 120000 acres. Despite its large area, the region is the least populated in the country with only 10 inhabitants per square mile. If you’re looking for a rural, peaceful and casual vacation, you’re in the right place!

The steps of our South-West Wine Route :

  1. Route des Vins de Gaillac
  2. Route des Vins de Madiran
  3. Route des Vins de Jurançon

The Southwest is divided into four “sub-regions”, each with its own character, climate and grapes: the Bergerac River and the Dordogne, the Garonne and the Tarn, the Lot River and the Pyrenees. Within each of these regions, you can find communal and village appellations or PDO. These designations comply with strict rules concerning the cultivation of grapes and the production of wine. But there are also larger areas, with less restrictive regulations on vineyards and winemaking, called PGI.

The Southwest may be the least known region of France, but it is filled with hidden treasures and breathtaking landscapes. Its vineyards are planted next to lush forests and wine and winemaking will remain a way of life there.

If you love Bordeaux but would like to discover a more discreet route in the footsteps of Santiago de Compostela, then the South West of France is calling you! You will find that many of the wines of the region are similar to those of Bordeaux (in terms of variety, vinification and quality). Add to this unique grapes and a touch of terroir, and you'll soon understand why this region is so exciting for wine lovers...

Among the main cities in Southwest that you can visit there is: Bordeaux, Pau, and Lacanau

Appellations not to be missed in the Southwest


Gaillac is a historic wine region located in the south-west of France, precisely in the north-east of Toulouse. It is one of the oldest wine-growing areas in France, established in Roman times or even earlier. It still produces a great variety of wines and continues to grow thanks to the flourishing agriculture of its region.

The region is best known for its spicy, colourful red wines that have historically been used for light Bordeaux beef. These wines are the product of a Mediterranean wind which, with the effect of foehn, positively dries the vineyards.For those who know, they can offer excellent value for money and are of very high quality.There are even two kinds of sparkling wines made here, probably predating those of Champagne. A small quantity of rosé is also made in the region…

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Madiran is a village in the hilly countryside of Gascony, in the extreme south-west of France. It is famous for its gourmet gastronomy as well as its rich, concentrated and robust red wines.

These are made mainly from the Tannat grape variety, strong in its structure, color and acidity. You will indeed find a singular aromatic richness due to a nose that exudes notes of black fruits such as cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant. These wines go well with local cuisine; culinary specialties include duck breast and cassoulet, rich and playful foods requiring a match of wine of character and strong structure.

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Jurançon is an appellation of southwestern France, located near the town of Pau, producing sweet and dry white wines (Jurançon and Jurançon Sec, respectively).

Its wines have been celebrated since the Middle Ages, and it is said that the Jurançon wine appellation existed since the end of the 14th century, with the best vineyard areas identified and valued by the princes of Béarn and the Navarre parliament for tax purposes. This would make it the world’s first appellation!

But the city of Jurançon is not limited to its authentic wines, its route takes you to the Béarnaise mountains, a mountainous region full of groves, ravines, crystal clear rivers and waterfalls. There, you will find forests dotted with small farms and pastures, as well as beautiful trails that are ideal for a romantic hike through forests and valleys...

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Discover the vineyards of the must-see towns in the South West of France

The flagship appellations of the South-West