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Working outside of France? Receive your French bottles internationally. Benefit from 3000 references directly from the vineyards and over 150 cuvées available in mixed cartons.

Les Grappes is the first direct-to-winemaker e-commerce platform in France catering to cafes, hotels, bars, and restaurants.

With Les Grappes, forget about those references you see on every table. Stand out from the typical wine lists and enjoy a single point of contact from ordering to billing.

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We are committed to helping everyone drink human wine by simplifying access to winegrowers. Les Grappes organises the short supply chain between winemakers and professionals, both in France and around the world.

Sourcing philosophy

Your custom selection from a selection of 1200 winegrowers 100% harvesters

Fast and efficient logistics

5000 references directly from the vineyards and over 150 cuvées available in our warehouse (mixable by 36 bottles)

Unique personalised support

100% centralized management, a single billing system, negotiated and tiered pricing, and dedicated marketing support

Groupe Bertrand and Les Grappes

We have assisted the Bertrand Group in a unique sourcing of winegrowers adapted to each of its main breweries.

We assist the group in sourcing their wine list according to their needs, guaranteeing them a fast and permanent supply.

Each of the establishments stands out with a unique and original wine list, which highlights winemakers rather than wines.

We also organize events in their main breweries throughout the year to promote the winemaker selection.

Other examples of support

Simplify your access to winemakers

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Discover more than 3000 wines from all the French wine regions and simplify your supply.

Les Grappes is a commitment-free service.

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1. Create your online account in a few moments

2. Access the selection of winemakers and benefit from our advice

3. Order at once from as many winemakers as you want

4. Pay online and track your deliveries in real time

I still have some questions

How do you set the prices?

The winegrower sets his own prices according to the different distribution channels. The prices shown are those you would find directly, including delivery costs. A volume discount applies based on the quantities ordered, starting from 24 bottles per estate.

How do you choose the winemakers?

Our winemakers are all growers. Winegrowers are the only ones who make wine from their own grapes, unlike wine merchants who buy grapes or juice and then transform them into wine. With the help of our ambassadors, our team selects producers who are like us and who we are delighted to introduce to you.

Is it possible to get samples?

Tasting is an essential part of the wine selection process, and all wines are available as samples. Our team will guide you in choosing the most suitable cuvées for your establishment, helping you select the right winemaker in the right place!

How do I create an account?

It's very simple: registration is free and all you need is an e-mail address and a SIRET number. We will then contact you to discuss your requirements and advise you.

Which countries do you work with?

We currently work with professional customers in over 25 countries. We can meet your requirements for any country in the world.