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Together for a new distribution model


Encouraging direct purchase from winegrowers

Since 2014, our mission is to allow anyone to buy better wine and to put the spotlight on the men and women who worked hard to deliver those products.

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We often come across products from the same 1000 winemakers in stores or at the restaurant.
There is a reason for this: being a winegrower is not an easy job. One has to plant, cultivate and harvest the vine. Following that, the juice must then be vinified, blended and bottled. Only then can the wine be finally distributed.

This explains why 97 percent of winemakers report a lack of time to dedicate to the distribution. It represents in total more than 30 000 producers from whom we won’t get the chance to taste the products – what a big waste for our taste buds. It is to provide easier access to those winemakers that we have created Les Grappes. We are reinventing wine distribution and marketing for the benefit of individuals and professionals in France and around the world.

Wines created with passion, hard work and great grapes.

Supporting winegrowers in the distribution of their products.

At Les Grappes, we have decided to give the power back to winemakers by providing them an easy way to address and sell to their customers.

Our added value for the winemakers:

A unique platform to build or increase their visibility A centralized logistic solution to ship their wines starting from 3 bottles An e-commerce storefront to ensure online payments A streamlined order management interface

This model, based on direct purchase, allows the winemakers to have control over the distribution process, as well as maximizing their margin, of which they keep 80%.This is how at Les Grappes we position ourselves to serve the common good, with a clear desire: to have a positive societal influence. It is by supporting winegrowers that we are taking part in the tech for good of the wine market.

Creating true bonds with winemakers

Behind the label, there are men and women that we are always eager to meet.
We step into their vineyards to see what they do, to understand and then tell their story.

20 winemakers in 2014
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+1200 today
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We offer a panel of carefully selected wines, coming exclusively from winemakers who harvest their own vines and who create wines with the grapes of their own land. To avoid any confusion, make sure to refer to the indication "N" for "Négociant" (Merchant) and "R" for "Récoltant" (Harvester) indicated on the Customs seal (with the well known Marianne) stamped on the bottle’s cap.

Environmental awareness

At Les Grappes, we value winemakers who make strong commitments. We are all concerned by climate change and our wine industry is the first to be affected by these changes. We want to highlight winegrowers who are committed to sustainable agriculture, who produce organic wines and who develop methods of reuse.


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