What to drink with a barbecue?

If you are in a hurry

The choice of wine will depend on the type of meat!

Red meat, red wine!

With a meat with a strong character like beef, a simple herb is enough to change the taste like rosemary or thyme for example. With this, red wines with red and black fruit aromas will do the trick. Wines with some tannins and a slightly fleshy side in the mouth will go well with this type of meat, so think of rather simple but powerful wines to accompany the taste of beef. This type of wine can be found inBordeaux wineFor example, theLanguedoc or the reds of theRhone Valley.

White meat

For white meats such as chicken or pork, opt for a fresh rosé or a red with a light mouthfeel that will accompany the meat and support its taste without altering it. For example, marinate your pork or chicken in a marinade made with herbs and lemon, it's a change, it's fresh and it's good! Think of therosés Mediterraneanorthe Loirefor this marinade. The red wines ofthe Loireorof Bordeauxcan also be used for stronger marinades with spices for example, as well as for raw meat.

The chipo & co

Which wine to use with grilled meats? For our famous sausages and merguez, choose a wine according to their taste.The beaujolaisA good wine can be a good ally like some reds from the Rhône withintense notes of fruit and spices for merguez. As an alternative to the herb sausage, why not the duck sausage for example, less complicated to cook than the breast and just as good. Start cooking and innovate, small fresh chorizos that you will cook on the barbecue, cut them in slices and put all this in a small traditional risotto or even with fish notes (with dry ink for example!)! Combine this with some Pacherencfrom Château Montus and Bouscassé and you'll be on holiday, in the mouth as well as in person.

Fish swimming in white wine

Speaking of the sea, let's come to the fish. Let's change from salmon and go for a sea bream with thyme or fennel, accompanied by small summer vegetables. This is our simple and effective recipe idea. With this kind of alliance, opt for a white wine that is a little fruity and even citrusy, like a wine fromthe Loireor even Alsace.

Revive the flame of your barbecue!

The eternal debate of "BUT WHAT DO YOU DRINK WITH BARBEUC?" will finally find its answer. No more classic barbecue-rosé, the choice of wine is essential and it is made in relation to the meat and the summer marinades!
Barbecuing is not new, since the dawn of time (well since the discovery of fire), men have started to grill their meat, and they are right because it's good! Most often the barbecue is oriented towards 4 types of meat: red meat, white meat, the traditional chipolata sausages and merguez galore and finally fish. To choose the right wine for your barbecue you have to choose it according to the meat and the way it is prepared. The problem is that at the barbecue we often do the same thing, the solution? Change from the classics and try your hand at marinade.

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