Nos Bonnes Adresses - Les plus beaux bars avec cheminée de Paris Les Grappes
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The most beautiful bars with fireplace in Paris

"In March, when the weather is nice, take your coat. " says a provincial saying. Even if spring is coming soon, the famous March giboulées will be there, and with it, its good dose of greyness...

Nos Bonnes Adresses - La Cave des Voyageurs : un des plus vieux bars à vin à Lyon Les Grappes
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La Cave des Voyageurs: one of the oldest wine bars in Lyon

Located a stone's throw from the Saône, the Cave des Voyageurs is a Lyon institution where Gones and visitors have been jostling for almost twenty years. Here, we let ourselves be guided and we taste: ...

Nos Bonnes Adresses - Buvette, la bonne adresse de South Pigalles Les Grappes
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Buvette, the right address in South Pigalle

How do you reconcile a wine lover, a belly on legs and a girlfriend who likes cosy but not too much atmosphere? Buvette has found the solution. As proof, this "gastrothèque" in the rue Henri M...

Oenotourisme France - Tout savoir sur les vins du Rhône - Les Grappes

All you need to know about Rhône wines

Presentation of the region The Rhone Valley is a great wine region that is continually gaining in popularity. With more than 71,000 hectares of vines, it is the second largest wine region in the world....

Nos Bonnes Adresses - Le Bistrot des Cinéastes : le repère des cinéphiles et amateurs de vins - Les Grappes
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Le Bistrot des Cinéastes: the landmark for film and wine lovers

At the foot of the Montmartre hill, a stone's throw from the Place de Clichy, the Bistrot des Cinéastes is a landmark for lovers of the big screen but also for good bottles of wine. Let's face it, the combo "...

Nos Bonnes Adresses - Vingt sur vin, le bar à vin des vrais marigots ! Les Grappes
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Vingt heures Vin, the wine bar of real parigots!

If you want to know a 'real' wine bar made in Paris, go to the Vingt heures Vin in Montmartre. Here, no fuss and no fraudulent prices... Good bowling pins, very nice service, generous plates...

Carcassonne-Montpellier : le Tour de France côté vins - Les Grappes

Carcassonne-Montpellier: the Tour de France on the wine side

After beautiful stages in the Pyrenees, the riders will start from the Cité de Carcassonne to reach Montpellier. Hosting the Tour de France for the 32nd time, the capital of Hérault...

Oenotourisme France - A la découverte de l'AOC Saint-Amour - Les Grappes

Discovering the AOC Saint-Amour

On Wednesday, the film Saint-Amour, with Gérard Depardieu and Benoît Poelvoorde was released in our theatres. From the first glance on the poster, it is immediately clear that the film is about a man who is...

Devenir leader mondial de l'oenotourisme : l'ambition française - Les Grappes

Becoming world leader in wine tourism: the French ambition

France: a wine producer and a major player in tourism France is THE world tourist destination. For more than 10 years, France has maintained its position, even though it has been strongly challenged by the United States....

La Cité du Vin à Bordeaux - Les Grappes

Press Review : The City of Wine in Bordeaux

The Cité du Vin de Bordeaux was inaugurated yesterday by François Hollande, and although we have heard a lot about blockades, demonstrations and traffic jams due to the displacement of the p...

3 dates pour comprendre l'histoire de l'oenotourisme - Les Grappes

3 dates to understand the history of wine tourism

The 70s and the birth of wine tourism Wine tourism is a concept that will probably seem very new to you. Actually, it is not. Wine tourism was born in the ...

Angers-Saumur : le Tour de France côté vins - Les Grappes

Angers-Saumur: the Tour de France on the wine side

From the sea to the vineyards, here is the beautiful program reserved for cyclists for the 3rd stage of the Tour de France between Granville and Angers! The cyclists will continue their immersion in the 3rd region of France, the...