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Nos Bonnes Adresses - Les plus beaux bars avec cheminée de Paris Les Grappes
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The most beautiful bars with fireplace in Paris

"In March, when the weather is nice, take your coat. " says a provincial saying. Even if spring is coming soon, the famous March giboulées will be there, and with it, its good dose of greyness...

News - Principales tendances d’innovation au service des vignerons : de la vinification à la distribution - Les Grappes

Main innovation trends for winegrowers: from winemaking to distribution

If Paris has become the capital of wine with the Wine Paris trade fair held from 11 to 13 February, France is the world capital of innovation for the wine industry. We wanted to r...

Mets & Vins - Que boire avec un barbecue ? Les Grappes
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What to drink with a barbecue?

If you are in a hurry The choice of wine will depend on the type of meat! For red meat : - A Languedoc in red: Cuvée K de L'Oustal Blanc. -A wine from the Rhone Valley: Tir Bouchon...
#Our advice to restaurateurs

How to become a sustainable restaurant?

What makes you choose one restaurant over another? The price of the menu? The menu? The type of cuisine? Its proximity to where you live? The decoration of the place? P...

Nos Bonnes Adresses - La Cave des Voyageurs : un des plus vieux bars à vin à Lyon Les Grappes
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La Cave des Voyageurs: one of the oldest wine bars in Lyon

Located a stone's throw from the Saône, the Cave des Voyageurs is a Lyon institution where Gones and visitors have been jostling for almost twenty years. Here, we let ourselves be guided and we taste: ...

Nos Conseils aux restaurants - Les formations requises pour ouvrir un restaurant - Les Grappes
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Training required to open a restaurant

When opening a restaurant you will surely ask yourself the question whether you need a diploma or not? The answer is no, but you will still need to take some training...

Nos Accords Mets Vins - Que boire avec la raclette ? - Les Grappes
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What to drink with raclette?

If you're in a hurry... Favour a white wine that is not too dry to accompany the fat of the raclette and reds that are not too tannic and will go well with cold meats. A wine from Chignin (Sav...

Nos Conseils aux restaurants - Mais pourquoi les hommes ont pris tant de place dans le monde de la restauration - Les Grappes
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But why have men taken up so much space in the restaurant business?

Paul Bocuse, Guy Savoy, Cyril Lignac or Michel Bras, these French chefs are certainly familiar to you and you could quote more without too much difficulty. But what about the chefs that you...

Nos Accords Mets Vins - Que boire avec un filet mignon ? - Les Grappes
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What to drink with filet mignon?

If you are in a hurry The pork tenderloin is fairly neutral in taste, so it is with the sauce or accompaniment that the wine should be matched! For a fruit sauce: Madiran, Pessac-Léogn...

Nos Accords Mets Vins - Que boire avec le foie gras ? - Les Grappes
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What to drink with foie gras?

If you are in a hurry A mellow wine is ideal but a dry white can also be appropriate in certain cases: for sweet wines : Jurançon, Sauternes or Monbazillac. An older, drier white man from Savenniè...

Nos Bonnes Adresses - Buvette, la bonne adresse de South Pigalles Les Grappes
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Buvette, the right address in South Pigalle

How do you reconcile a wine lover, a belly on legs and a girlfriend who likes cosy but not too much atmosphere? Buvette has found the solution. As proof, this "gastrothèque" in the rue Henri M...

Mets&Vins - Que boire avec des moules ? Les Grappes
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What to drink with mussels?

If you are in a hurry The mussels can be integrated into the great classic "seafood/dry white wine". A dry white wine will go very well : a white wine from Entre-Deux-Mers in the Bordeaux region. A Po...