What to drink with Jambon de Lacaune?

Tonight, we want to spend the evening with a delicious dry mountain ham that comes straight from the Tarn: the Lacaune ham. Our wine-loving friend Alexis Proust and the local produce scouts, Louis and Adrien, have found the best wine to go with it.

Louis and Adrien: So Alexis, which wine with our Lacaune Ham?

Powerful charcuterie on the palate, then a red wine will be more adequate. Some less strong charcuterie goes very well with dry white wine!

Lacaune ham comes from the Tarn, so we can easily take up the theory of the regions. A product of a terroir goes very well with a local wine. First option. But we're not going to be satisfied with this one only. The basis of the agreement is the balance between the dish and the wine. A tasty and powerful delicatessen, (rather) powerful red wine. Let's look rather in the regions which know how to produce wines of this caliber.

Let's first try a Domaine Colombo - The Hills of Laure 2013 in the Rhone Valley. It is a 2013, wait until 2015 or even 2016 before tasting it. Its power will marry very well with ham. Drink it at a temperature of 16/17° to let it express itself! It is Syrah, so it must be handled with delicacy... 'Power without control is nothing'.

If you don't like Rhone Valley wines, you can always opt for Domaine Lauriga - Le Cadet de Lauriga 2013, a slightly fruitier Côtes-du-Roussillon!

Enjoy the tasting!

Alexis Proust, contributor Les Grappes

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