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Nos Conseils aux restaurants - L'hotel L'Echiquier MGallery s'engage dans une carte 100% Vigneronnes - Les Grappes
#Our Case Studies

The Hotel L'Échiquier MGallery is committed to a 100% Vigneronnes card!

The number of Chefs in France has been growing rapidly in recent years. It is not yet the perfect balance (far from it) but we can only rejoice in this trend. We can observe that there is a...

Nos conseils aux restaurateurs - Comment le bar-restaurant Lao (Paris IX) a créé une carte des vins variée et dynamique avec un seul fournisseur ? Les Grappes
#Our Case Studies

How did the bar-restaurant Lao (Paris 9th) create a varied and dynamic wine list with a single supplier?

About Lao Lao, short for Laos, is a bar-restaurant on rue de Douai in the heart of Pigalle in Paris. When you enter, you will immediately be charmed by the home-made decoration and the good food....

Nos conseils aux restaurateurs - Comment l'hotel novotel montparnasse s'appuie-t-il sur sa carte des vins pour affirmer son identité ? Les Grappes
#Our Case Studies

How does the Hotel Novotel Montparnasse rely on its wine list to assert its identity?

About Hall Four: In the 15th arrondissement, very close to the station, the Novotel Montparnasse's restaurant "La Halle Quatre", takes you on a journey before you even get on the train. F...