Frequently Asked Questions

I register to Les Grappes

My first steps on Les Grappes: how to register

You can register here directly : can be done via :

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Your email address

Your email address and mobile number are important for the smooth running of deliveries. This is because :

  • Your phone number allows the delivery man to contact you during delivery.
  • The email address is used by the carrier to inform you of potential incidents on the order. On our side, we will use it to communicate with you if the order requires it.

I wish to place an order

Choose wine

If you already have a precise idea of what you want, you can directly use the search bar and fill in the name of the desired wine or domain.
If you know or want to choose the winemaker more than the bottle, the best thing to do is to go to the relevant section :
Would you like a more precise search with well-defined criterias ?
Use the filters on the left side of the page to select: a region, an appellation, a winemaking method, a maximum price, etc.
You will be able to apply all the desired filters on our wine list. :, if you prefer to be guided, our selections are made for you :

If you have a specific need for an important occasion or event, do not hesitate to send us a more precise request at, we will be delighted to advise you.

Offer wine

Wish to please ?

We have developed for you the possibility to offer the wine you have selected, attaching to it if you wish a personalised note
After clicking on your basket and checking it, just tick "I would like to offer these bottles" (cf photo).You are then redirected to the payment page where you can enter your personalized word and the delivery address

The recipient of the gift will receive your note by email when the order is picked up by the carrier.

Ordering: the key steps to placing an order

Once you have found the wine of your choice, add it and validate the basket. Your basket is displayed on the top right (cf photo).

From your basket, you can still refine your order by modifying the quantities of bottles.For your information :

  • Your order is only possiblefrom 3 bottles per domain
  • All orders are placed by multiple of three
  • We offer transport from 6 bottles upwards. If necessary, delivery charges are 6 € for France.

The next step is to fill in the delivery information (cf photo) :

Once the delivery information has been filled in, the last step to validate your order is to proceed to payment.

Payment terms

I pay by credit card

We are equipped with payment security, 3D Secure, which allows you to pay securely on the internet.
You will need to enter the SMS code sent by your bank when validating the payment. A redirection page will open automatically so that you can enter the code

You will then receive an email confirming your order.

If you do not receive the email :

  • Your order has probably not been validated, in which case you will receive a cancellation email within 24 hours. For your information, you are not debited in this case.
  • Your order is awaiting payment confirmation.You will receive an email to confirm your payment within 24 hours.If you wish to anticipate it, please confirm your order by contacting us by email at
  • If you do not receive any email from us and your order does not appear in the "My Orders" section, (, we invite you to reorder.

If you encounter any more difficulties please write to us at

My payment is awaiting validation.

Your order is awaiting validation, it appears once or several times?

On your personal space in the heading "My orders" you can see that you have several orders pending validation as on the image below :

You have to validate one of these orders.How to do? Simply reply to one of our payment confirmation emails that you will receive within 24 hours after attempting to order.
You will then receive a new confirmation email once the payment has been validated. For the record, if you paid by wire transfer, you are able to validate an order by yourself from your customer area.

Am I being debited?
You will only be debited once you have received the order confirmation email. All duplicate orders will be cancelled and you will only be charged for a single order.

Some explanations regarding this situation :We are equipped with banking security which allows us to provide you a secure payment area.
Indeed, when you validate your order you are asked to enter a security code provided by your bank at the time of validation of your payment. You often receive this code by text message.
When an incident occurs at the time of the validation of your payment, the process of validation of the order is stopped.
Your order may still reach us, but it will then be awaiting payment confirmation.
This means that you have not been debited and that the winemaker has not received your order.

I pay by wire transfer

Your order transmission to the winegrower is done upon receipt of payment.It is thus necessary to count on the interbank delay which is usually from 48 to 96 hours.
Any payment by wire transfer leads to a possible refund by bank transfer (in this case, please provide us with your bank details if necessary)
Procedure for validating your order via payment by wire transfer

  • Choose to pay by wire transfer when you enter your bank details when paying for your order (cf photo).
  • Enter and validate the wire transfer to your account by filling in our RIB information. For the record, our bank details appear from the moment you select "Bank transfer". If necessary, we will send it to you by email so that you can enter your wire transfer.
  • Finally, you will receive an email confirming your order when we acknowledge receipt of your transfer.

For the record : without reception of your wire transfer within 15 days we will cancel your order.
In the event of a complication, we invite you to contact your bank.

Pending payment validation

While waiting for your wire transfer on Les Grappes account, your order is under the status "payment pending validation".

How to unblock the situation?
You must contact us so that we can unblock your payment and thus validate your order.
You can do so by :

  • answering our follow-up emails
  • getting in touch with us via our chat or by email at

In your email, it is necessary to indicate either the number of your order (available on your personal space in the heading "my orders"), or the email address of your account.

My order appears several times

You tried several times to place an order, but none of them were successful.
On your personal space in the "My Orders" section, you can see that you have several orders waiting to be validated. (cf photo).

You have to validate one of these orders.

How to do so ?If you paid by credit card : just answer one of our reminder e-mails. We will validate your order on our side and we will cancel the duplicates.If you paid by wire transfer : you can validate one of these orders by yourself on your customer area. Duplicate orders will be automatically cancelled.

In any case, you will receive a confirmation email when your payment is validated.

Am I being debited ?
You are only debited when you receive an email confirming that your order has been taken care of.
This happens when we acknowledge receipt of your payment.

Difficulties when placing the order

There may be several reasons that can block your order. We have listed here the main sources of error you may encounter :

Browser compatibility: we notice higher failure rates when our customers use Oracle or Safari. This is why we recommend the use of Chrome.

The medium used: we notice a high failure rate when our customers order via a mobile format. The use of a computer reduces the risk.

Failure at the time of payment: your payment card may not be compatible with 3D Secure. Please check with your bank.

Thank you to also always have your mobile phone next to you when you pay, most payment failures are due to a delay in sending the confirmation code that is sent to you by text message.

To check if your order has reached us, you can refer to the article "My payment is pending validation".

Delivery terms

I wish to be delivered abroad

For a delivery to our partner countries, you must add 8 € for delivery costs.The areas served are :

  • Germany
  • Andorre
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Monaco

The other delivery conditions are identical to a delivery in France.

I wish to be delivered in France

Delivery terms :We deliver from 3 bottles per domain.
Delivery is free of charge from 6 bottles upwards. So don't hesitate to mix your order to discover the nuggets of our winemakers.

Who is going to deliver my order ?
DHL : for any order less than 24 bottles

You wish to intervene on your delivery?
You can at any time intervene on your order via the link that will be communicated to you by email and/or text message when your order is taken care of by the carrier.
For more information read the article "Track my order".
Geodis: for any order of more than 24 bottles. You may also be delivered by the winegrower's carrier. This is the case when Geodis does not serve the winegrower's geographical area.

Please note : delivery is made by the day. The carrier will contact you on the phone number provided during registration to schedule the delivery.

If you are a professional, please contact us by email at or

I manage my order

Track my order

You have added your vintages to the basket and paid for it,
If your payment is accepted, then your order is "Transmitted to the winemaker".
If your order is "pending payment validation", it is not yet validated and the winemaker has not yet received it. In this case, please refer to the article My payment is awaiting validation.

Steps in processing your order :
1 - Your order arrives at the winemaker'sAs soon as we acknowledge receipt of your payment your order arrives at the winery. The winegrower must take note of your order within 72 hours following your order.

If you do not see a change in status within 48 hours and you have not received an information email from us, please contact us for more information at

2 - Your order will be taken care of by our carrier
When the winemaker takes note of your order, he prepares the order and gives it to the carrier.
As soon as the carrier picks up your order, you will receive an email or a text message giving you a hand on your delivery.

If you do not see any change in the status for more than 72 hours, please let us know at

3- Your order is on its way
As soon as your order enters the carrier's logistics network, you will receive an email or SMS. Your order will then reach you within two working days.
To track your shipment, you have to click on "Track shipment" in the "My Orders" section of your personal space (cf photo).
You can then follow the progress of your shipment and know the estimated delivery date.

As a reminder, as soon as the order enters the carrier's logistics area, you can intervene on your delivery :

  • with DHL's On Demand Delivery service for the DHL carrier
  • thanks to the Edesti service for the Géodis carrier.
Either way, the email or text message communicated by the carrier will contain the reference number of your order. In case you want to contact the carrier, you will be asked for this number. It is therefore important to keep it.

DHL's On Demand Delivery Service :

As soon as DHL takes care of the package, you will receive a text message with an On Demand Delivery link allowing you to intervene on your delivery
For the record :

  • without any intervention on your part, the order will reach you as soon as possible at the address you have provided.
  • your delivery is made within two working days after reception of the text message
  • the deliveryman makes a new delivery on the next working day.
  • in the absence of presence at the time of this new passage your parcel will be deposited at the nearest relay point.
  • a notice of passage will be left for you, in paper format or by text message

The Edesti service of Géodis accessible via the link :

  • you receive a first email or text message informing you that your order has entered the Géodis logistics network. The link allows you to follow the progress of your shipment at that moment.
  • you will then receive a second email or text message with an link that allows you to schedule and track your delivery.

For the record: upon receipt of the second email or text message, you have a period of 8 days to schedule your delivery. After this period, your order will be returned to the domain.

Some information to know when your carrier is Geodis :

  • you need to contact the carrier in order to (re)-schedule a delivery day
  • the deliveryman will contact you by phone at the number given in your personal space.
If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to write to us at

Manage my delivery

I would like to change the day of delivery

Please refer to the article "Track my delivery".

I would like to change the place of delivery

Please refer to the article "Track my delivery".

All other changes

Please refer to the article "Track my delivery".

Receive my order and find my invoice

I find out how to fill in the delivery note when I receive my order

If an incident occurs on your order, it is important that you sign the delivery note correctly so that we can compensate you. In this case we will not be able to bear the costs.
What to indicate on your delivery note :

  • the number of boxes missing at the time of delivery: X boxes received
  • Breakage details: delivery accepted under reserve. X damaged, broken boxes
  • in case of total refusal, please write: X boxes refused for damage
Upon receipt of your order, we recommend you to :
  • check if you have received the right number of bottles of wine
  • open boxes that look damaged to you

I wish to access my invoice

To access your invoice you need :

  • connect to your personal space Les Grappes
  • move the mouse over your profile in the top right corner
  • click on "my orders"
For each of your orders, you will find the associated invoice in the top right-hand corner. This can be downloaded in PDF format (cf photo).


I have a delivery problem

I did not receive my order or only a part of it

We work directly with the winegrowers, so you will receive one shipment per domain.

If you have not received all of your wine, the first step is to check the status of each shipment related to your order. It is possible that wines from different wineries are still in transit.

You can access it by clicking on "My Orders".
If the status do not seem clear to you, you can contact us at

If you find any of the following abnormalities :

  • The status of the shipment has not changed for more than 48 hours.
  • the planned/estimated delivery date has passed
  • the shipment is marked as delivered but you haven't received anything
  • for a winery, you've only received part of the wines.
You can contact us at with the following information :
  • the nature of the problem
  • the number of missing bottles: how many did you receive? How many did you order ?
  • the reference (cuvée and vintage) of the bottles not received
  • the order number
We will get back to you as soon as possible with a commercial solution.
For any other concern, please write to us at specifying your incident.

I wish to report a breakage

If all or part of your order was broken on delivery.You can contact us on by informing :

  • The nature of the problem
  • the number of bottles that were broken
  • the reference (cuvé and vintage) of the damaged bottles
  • the order number
  • pictures of the damaged bottles
We will come back to you to set up the right business solution.

I didn't get the right wines

If you are confronted with one of the following cases :

  • you got the color wrong
  • you didn't get the right reference
  • you didn't get the right vintage
  • Allow me to give you a few more explanations if you have not received the right vintage.
    We work in a short circuit, so the bottles are shipped directly from the estate. The updating of the stocks and the vintages available on the site are in the hands of the winemaker. It happens that the winemaker is not updating the data on the site while preparing your order.

    The choices available to you :

    • keep the wines : we will thus regularize your invoice and proceed to the reimbursement of the difference in price between the wines ordered and the wines received.
    • exchange the wines : the wines you are currently in possession of will return to the estate. And unless there is a breakage, we will ship your wines back to you. This case is possible from 12 bottles. Otherwise we will take back the wines and refund your order in full.
    In any case, please send us an email to with the following information:the nature of the damage
    • the number of bottles affected
    • the reference (cuvée and vintage) of the bottles received
    • the order number
    • pictures of the wine bottles
    • the business solution you've opted for.
    We will send you an email acknowledging receipt of your request.

    In case of return of the goods to the estate, please keep the shipping boxes.

    My wine has a quality flaw

    We cannot give you a commercial solution below 3 damaged bottles. We therefore invite you to open several bottles to check that the damage affects several of your bottles.

    Please send us an email to with the following information :

    • the nature of the damage
    • the number of affected bottles you've opened
    • the reference (cuvé and vintage) of the bottles with a quality flaw
    • the order number
    We will take the bottles back to open them and check if the defect is indeed present.

    The conditions for entitlement to compensation :

    We have to certify that your wines do have a quality defect.
    The costs of forwarding are at your expense in the first instance. We will compensate you and your order in the event that we certify the defect in quality.
    If the wines do not present any defect, in accordance with your right of retraction, we will refund you the products of the order. However, you will still be responsible for the cost of returning the goods.

    I wish to return my order

    I have the shipping boxes

    If you still have the shipping boxes, simply return your order by :

    1 - Put the bottles back in the shipping boxes

    We ask you to be very careful and to protect the bottles as they will be returned to the estate by air transport.

    2- Stick the slips on the boxes : there is one slip per box

    When a return procedure is put in place, it means that you have exchanged with a member of Les Grappes.

    He then asked you :

    • your availability to proceed with the return
    • gave you the packing slips

    3 - Hand over the packages to the carrier

    As a reminder, the conditions of compensation for return costs are as follows :

    • if it is a return because your wine has a flaw : cf article "My wine has a quality flaw." If the flaw is validated by us, we will reimburse you the shipping costs as well as your order.
    • if it's a return because you received the wrong bottles of wine : we will reimburse you for the order as well as the return shipping costs.

    I don't have the shipping boxes anymore

    If you are no longer in possession of your original shipping boxes, please :

    1. Go to a post office to obtain shipping boxes suitable for transporting wine
    2. Put the bottles of wine in the appropriate shipping boxes
    3. Paste the packing slips we sent you by email: with one slip per box
    4. Deliver the packages to the delivery person : the carrier will come at the time you have given to a Les Grappes member

    To know the conditions of compensation of the return costs, please refer to the article "I have the shipping boxes".

    I wish to be compensated

    Right of Withdrawal

    You can exercise the right of withdrawal up to14 days after your purchase.
    Please contact us at to assert this right, indicating your order number as well as the reference of the product(s) on which you wish to assert this right.
    In case of return of the wines you must return them within 14 days following the sending of your withdrawal request.
    The return costs will be at your expense unless otherwise specified.
    Reimbursement terms and conditions in the event that you exercise your right of retraction :

    • we will refund you as soon as we receive the returned goods or as soon as you provide us with proof of return
    • we will reimburse you the totality of your order. But the return costs remain at your expense
    • we will reimburse you via the same means of payment used to place the order. That is to say :
    • by credit card
    • by bank transfer: in this case, please send us your bank details.


    We can send you a refund for several reasons :

    • if your order is damaged
    • in the event of a break in the cuvée or vintage that you have ordered
    • if the delivery time is too long

    When will I be reimbursed ?<:p>

    We will send you your refund after receiving the return of your order or attesting to the legitimacy of the dispute.
    Your refund will be sent to you within 10 working days due to inter-bank processing times.
    Please be aware that if we reimburse you by bank transfer, it may take longer due to bank delays.

    I still haven't received my refund

    If you still haven't received anything after more than 10 working days, please send us an email to so that we can take the necessary action.

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