News - Comment la digitalisation a changé notre manière de consommer le vin ? - Les Grappes

How has digitalisation changed the way we consume wine?

Digitalisation has revolutionised consumers' relationship with wine. Indeed, thanks to the internet, new websites and applications, wine consumers have access to a multitude of information on wine....

News - Quel vin pour la Saint-Valentin ? Les Grappes

What wine for Valentine's Day?

The debate is still raging about the history of Valentine's Day. Of Roman or British origin, Christian or pagan, evoking the Lupercales (faunal feasts of ancient Rome) or the Lupercales, the...

News - Pour la Saint-Valentin, osez le dîner au(x) champagne(s) - Les Grappes

For Valentine's Day, dare to dine on champagne(s)!

Today Champagne is more and more positioned as a wine and it is quite possible to make a meal with champagne or rather with champagnes because it will require different types of them...

News - Des consommateurs de plus en plus exigeants - Les Grappes

Increasingly demanding consumers

The recent move upmarket in the wine industry is linked to the current concerns of consumers, who are increasingly demanding and want more transparency on the products they buy. The recent rise in the price of wine is linked to the current concerns of consumers, who are increasingly demanding and want more transparency on the products they buy, and who ...

News - 2014 : l'année des vendanges fructueuses - Les Grappes

2014: the year of successful harvests

After two historically low years in terms of harvest volume (even bad in some regions such as Burgundy), French winegrowers have been spoiled in 2014. "According to the first two...

News - Un nouveau contexte dans la distribution de vin en France et à l'étranger - Les Grappes

A new context in wine distribution in France and abroad

Distribution in the wine market takes several forms: whether it is done directly by the producers, or through intermediaries such as sales agents, etc...

News - Chais d'oeuvre, le club des passionnés du vin - Les Grappes

Chais d'oeuvre, the club for wine enthusiasts

Manuel Peyrondet is the founder of Chais d'œuvre. His first love began with gastronomy, as he completed a BTS in cooking at the hotel school in Poligny, in the Jura. If he bathed in ...

News - Une glace au vin pour cet été, ça vous tente ? - Les Grappes

How about a wine cooler for this summer?

We were looking forward to it, here it is at last: summer is back. And to quench your thirst, what better than a good ice cream with fruity flavours? Or a glass of rosé on the terrace? Yes, there is.

News - Une baisse structurelle de la consommation de vin chez les Français - Les Grappes

A structural decline in wine consumption among the French people

France is currently experiencing a drop in alcohol consumption, particularly of wines. In 2016, individual consumption of alcoholic beverages in France amounted to 11.74 liters of alcohol per person...

News - En chiffres : la consommation de champagne dans le monde - Les Grappes

In figures: champagne consumption worldwide

The end of year festivities are approaching: an opportunity to bring out the champagne and look back on the festivities of 2015, which was a historic year for Champagne wine with 4.75 billion euros in sales....

News - Les Grappes reçoit le trophée bronze du meilleur espoir e-commerce 2019 de la Fevad ! Les Grappes

Les Grappes receives Fevad's bronze trophy for the best 2019 e-commerce hopeful!

Paris, December 12, 2018 - Les Grappes is pleased to be awarded the bronze trophy for the best e-commerce hopeful by Fevad! Clusters on the podium of the best e-commerce hopefuls L...

News - Les rendez-vous du vin : Janvier, Février 2019

Les rendez-vous du vin : January, February 2019

The few appointments of the wine for the next 2 months: Ampuis 2019 Wine Market, from 18 to 21 January, in Ampuis (69420) A few kilometres from Lyon, a market with the most beautiful women called "The...