News - La tendance des vins natures - Les Grappes

The trend for natural wines

"Long live natural wine". Do you know when this slogan dates from? We would be tempted to say the end of the 1990s, wouldn't we? Well no, this one dates from 1907 and was pronounced in Montpellier...

News - Principales tendances d’innovation au service des vignerons : de la vinification à la distribution - Les Grappes

Main innovation trends for winegrowers: from winemaking to distribution

If Paris has become the capital of wine with the Wine Paris trade fair held from 11 to 13 February, France is the world capital of innovation for the wine industry. We wanted to r...


Salon Vintage BIO 2021

This year the Organic Vintage Fair has been 100% digitalized. Indeed, the health crisis continues and the market place number 1 for organic wines is reinventing itself for this 2021 edition. A platform for the ...

News - Micro Wineries : La nouvelle tendance installée en France ! - Les Grappes

Micro Wineries: The new trend in France!

Micro Wineries", meaning "small wine companies" in French, is a new phenomenon. Born in the 90's in the United States, the concept is simple: to make wine in small wineries, ...

News - Des consommateurs de plus en plus exigeants - Les Grappes

Increasingly demanding consumers

The recent move upmarket in the wine industry is linked to the current concerns of consumers, who are increasingly demanding and want more transparency on the products they buy. The recent rise in the price of wine is linked to the current concerns of consumers, who are increasingly demanding and want more transparency on the products they buy, and who ...

News - Quelles sont les régions viticoles Françaises les plus populaires à l’étranger ? - Les Grappes

What are the most popular French wine regions abroad?

French wines are particularly well known abroad, to such an extent that France has entered the collective unconscious as a true symbol of the culture of the vine and the production of wine....

News - 4 raisons de faire de l'oenotourisme dans son domaine - Les Grappes

4 reasons to make wine tourism in its field

You don't have visitors in your area yet? After reading this article, you will surely change your mind! Discover 4 reasons to develop wine tourism in your domain. Pr...

News - Junart, le projet qui fait rimer art et pinard - Les Grappes

Junart, the project that rhymes art and booze

Created 3 years ago, Junart is a dating site a bit special. A link between winegrowers and artists, Junart has already organized happy weddings: Cassius & Johann Michel, Jean-Michel Ti...

News - Que boire après une journée de soldes ? - Les Grappes

What to drink after a day of sales?

The end of the year holidays have just ended. Fortunately, the winter sales are here to start 2022 on the right foot! The pair of iridescent bronze boots, the chic cape coat, will it be...

Foire aux Vins à la cave Les Grappes

Wine Fair at the Cave Les Grappes!

LIKE EVERY YEAR, THE AUTUMN WINE FAIR ARRIVES AT THE GRAPPES! If there is one thing we don't like to see empty, it is our wine cellar! It's the perfect time to do it, because our wine fair has...

News - Vitiloire : C’est parti pour la 15° édition - Les Grappes

Vitiloire : Let's go for the 15th edition

The 15th edition of Vitiloire will take place on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May 2017 in Tours. This free event for the general public, which takes place in Tours, only 1 hour from Paris, puts the 79...

News - Fête des pères : choisir la bouteille parfaite pour papa - Les Grappes

Father's Day: choosing the perfect bottle for dad

Mother's Day is just about over, and it's already time to think about a gift for Dad. And you and we both know that every year it's the same thing. But not this time! The whole team has been working hard to find the...