Bouchons de liège de vins français

French wine exports in the world

Exports of French wines and spirits reached record sales in 2022. The difficulties caused by poor weather and harvest conditions were offset by a...


Opening a wine cellar abroad

Opening a winery abroad: it's your dream! A great professional adventure awaits you. But where do you start? How do you become a wine merchant? Which country should you choose? The...

Table de restaurant avec des verres de vin

Opening a French restaurant abroad

Many professionals are thinking about opening their restaurant abroad. But what are the real advantages of doing so? How to differentiate your business in a foreign country?


How to sell wine in China?

The Chinese market has remained very buoyant for French wines over the past decade. But the competition is tough. So how do you make a place for yourself and gain a lasting foothold in this...

Nos vins aux professionnels - Comment Exporter des vins Français? - Les Grappes

How to export French wines?

Updated on November 30, 2022 Wine is not a good like any other. Unlike other consumer products, the wine trade is subject to complex regulations on the market.

Étagère avec des bouteilles de vin dans une cave à vins

All about wine customs

Are you a winemaker? Are you planning to create your own winery? You are simply curious? Here is an article on everything you need to know about wine customs in France. See you soon...


Exporting French wine to the USA

The American market represents great opportunities for French wine exports. Consumption habits, regulations, taxes : Les Grappes tells you more about how to export from France.

Verre de vin dans un restaurant à Shanghai

Wine in China: where do we stand?

China is one of the largest export markets for French wines. France has been the leading country for imports into the Chinese market for more than 10 years. But today, the...


The wine market in the world

Published on January 11, 2023 How is wine production in the world evolving with climate change? Which French wines export best internationally? What are the evolutions of the...

News - Pourquoi les vins Français sont-ils si chers à l’étranger ? - Les Grappes

Why are French wines so expensive abroad?

France is unquestionably recognized in the world as the country producing the most prestigious and coveted wines. In fact, the country is home to a large number of regions, appellations and ...

Oenotourisme France - La Chine à la conquête du vin - Les Grappes

China's conquest of wine

On February 8, China celebrated its entry into the New Year, a year placed under the sign of the Fire Monkey and which is announced to be dynamic and unpredictable. The Chinese even agree that some of the...