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Vin De France-VDF: A name that frees the expression of winegrowers

The world of wine is a fascinating universe where each bottle reflects the work of a passionate winemaker. Among the various French wine denominations, there is one that stands out for its ...

News - Quel vin pour quel super-héros ? - Les Grappes
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What wine for what superhero?

When they're not banging each other with unlikely superpowers, superheroes sometimes make up over a glass of superwine. But surely Superman in spandex tights hasn't. . . .

News - Les films qui donnent faim ... et soif ! Les Grappes
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Films that make you hungry... and thirsty!

Between Top Chef and other culinary reality shows, we end up forgetting that cinema also makes our mouths water. Here is a selection of films about gastronomy...

News - Top 3 des jeux du vin Les Grappes
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Top 3 wine games

In order to better understand the world of wine and to develop your knowledge, here is a small selection of the three best games around wine: Quiz, general knowledge, interactive games... There are many games to choose from, including a ...

Nos Bonnes Adresses - Les plus beaux bars avec cheminée de Paris Les Grappes
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The most beautiful bars with fireplace in Paris

"In March, when the weather is nice, take your coat. " says a provincial saying. Even if spring is coming soon, the famous March giboulées will be there, and with it, its good dose of greyness...

News - Les Grappes reçoit le trophée bronze du meilleur espoir e-commerce 2019 de la Fevad ! - Les Grappes
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Les Grappes receives Fevad's bronze trophy for the best 2019 e-commerce hopeful!

Paris, December 12, 2018 - Les Grappes is pleased to be awarded the bronze trophy for the best e-commerce hopeful by Fevad! Clusters on the podium of the best e-commerce hopefuls L...

News - Principales tendances d’innovation au service des vignerons : de la vinification à la distribution - Les Grappes
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Main innovation trends for winegrowers: from winemaking to distribution

If Paris has become the capital of wine with the Wine Paris trade fair held from 11 to 13 February, France is the world capital of innovation for the wine industry. We wanted to r...

News - TOP 5 des stars qui font du vin - Les Grappes
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TOP 5 stars who make wine

In the middle of the Oscar race, talking about stars is inevitable! And yes, even at Les Grappes we're people. But we prefer to focus on celebrities who have a taste for good things, a taste for food...

News - Top 5 des stars françaises qui ont investi dans le vin - Les Grappes
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Top 5 French stars who have invested in wine

By dint of travelling around the world, filming and filming, and performing in concerts, some of our French stars have developed a definite taste for the land. A beautiful passion for wine...

News - TOP 5 des films sur le vin - Les Grappes
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TOP 5 wine films

Between Cédric Klapisch, who has recently been taking his cameras into the vineyards of Meursault, and Gérard Lanvin and Alice Taglioni, headlining the Premiers Crus, which comes out at the end of September, the wine has not become a...

News - Quel champagne boit-on au Festival de Cannes ? Les Grappes
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What kind of champagne do you drink at the Cannes Film Festival?

As the stars are about to take the steps of the most famous palace on the Croisette, Piper-Heidsieck continues its longstanding partnership as the official champagne of the Ca...

News - Laissez faire le guide : Histoire d’y boire clair ! - Les Grappes
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Leave it to the guide: Just to drink it clear!

The festive season is approaching and your best friend has become a wine fanatic. For the past few months, he or she has been flirting with wine lover communities on the web. We've been heckling and...