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News - Les plus gros placements de produit vin au cinéma - Les Grappes
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The largest placements of wine products at the cinema

Champagne at James Bond, grands crus at Pixar, Californian wine in American series... it seems that product placement has become the new marketing strategy of this company...

News - De plus en plus de Français achètent du vin sur internet - Les Grappes
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"More and more French people are buying wine on the internet."

More and more French people are buying wine on the internet. In 2015, 30% of French people ordered online, compared to 24% in 2014! Proof that wine e-commerce works well. What's the best way to ...

News - Le vin effervescent anglais, détrônera-t-il le champagne français ? - Les Grappes
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Will English sparkling wine dethrone French champagne?

On Thursday 21 April, the Queen of England will celebrate her 90th birthday. For a very long time, English wines were rarely spoken about; the United Kingdom was known for its Pimm's, beers, Lager and...

News - Pierre Bergé vend sa cave à vins aux enchères - Les Grappes
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Pierre Bergé sells his wine cellar at auction

Pierre Bergé's personal wine cellar will be offered for auction on March 10, 2016 at 7pm. The sale will take place at the Hôtel Drouot, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. If the wine market seems to be different...

News - BiB, tube, canette, les nouvelles tendances packaging du vin - Les Grappes
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BiB, tubes, cans, the new trends in wine packaging

Wine is now sold in boxes, cans or tubes. There is no doubt that wine packaging is diversifying. Consumer offers are evolving with different consumer-friendly formats....

News - Les 6 plus belles collections de vins du monde ! - Les Grappes
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The 6 most beautiful wine collections in the world!

It's the cellar which makes the prestige of the collector. And collectors compete with each other by the contents of their cellars: extraordinary vintages compete with each other, and the constitution of a collection of wines is a...

News - Top 5 des accessoires indispensables des wine lovers ! - Les Grappes
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Top 5 essential accessories for wine lovers!

Les Grappes offers you a selection of accessories for Wine Lovers, something to hit the bull's eye with every time! If you don't have any ideas for gifts, these utensils will always be at your disposal....

News - Top 5 des scènes du vin les plus drôles du cinéma - Les Grappes
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Top 5 Funniest Wine Scenes in Cinema

Right now, we're looking for opportunities to have a good laugh. As wine lovers that we are, it makes us smile when one of our favourite drinks is made fun of...

News - Top 5 des vins à boire devant un match de foot ? - Les Grappes
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Top 5 wines to drink in front of a football match?

We're not all unconditional fans of PSG or OM (to name just those two teams), far from it, but we must admit that we necessarily have friends or members of the OM team around us....

News - Le monde de la photo s’intéresse au vin : Pourquoi ? - Les Grappes
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The world of photography is interested in wine: Why?

From 26 to 29 May 2016, in the beautiful town of Frontignan, capital of the Muscat region, the 24th edition of the international film and photography festival on vines and wine entitled Oenov...

News - Tendance : Garçon, un Spritz ! - Les Grappes
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Trend: Boy, a Spritz!

Presenting the Spritz would be a crowning achievement, it's so famous. 450 million were served in total in 2015, but these glasses are going around the world! Zoom in on this cocktail that brings a new dimension to the...

News - Le G12 des vignerons descend au Bristol - Les Grappes
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The G12 of winegrowers goes down to Bristol

On Monday 7th December, 12 exceptional winegrowers met in Bristol for the first edition of the Mature Wine Fair. At the initiative of this project, the artist and craftsman of taste Hervé Bizeul, a...