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Our tips for keeping an open bottle of wine

This article is mainly intended for restaurant owners who offer wine by the glass. By this practice some bottles are not always finished, and this should not cause you losses. The conservation becomes therefore an important element for you, who want to make your product profitable until the last taste. It would be a pity to spoil a good wine by letting it air out... To preserve your wine efficiently is to ensure its quality in the days following its opening. Following these tips you can expect to keep your wine for up to 5 days after opening, and up to several weeks with the help of expert tools.

Here are our tips for storing opened wines. They can also be applied at home, when a bottle is not finished.

The challenges of wine conservation

First of all, here are a few techniques to preserve wine after opening. They vary according to the type of wine. For example, somewhite wines are very sweet, such asSauternes, and these wines can be kept longer than others because the sugar helps to preserve an open white wine.

The quality and conservation of an open wine depends essentially onthe temperature, the light and the quantity of oxygen present in the bottle. These are the elements that can alter your wine.

Therefore, you should keep the bottles away from high temperatures that accelerate the oxidation process. Therefore, avoid any proximity to heat sources: the ideal is not to exceed 15°C. For white wine, the cellar or refrigerator is recommended. Professionals advise keeping openred wine in the fridge for up to 5 days, depending on the wine, and taking it out a few hours before serving so that it is at the right temperature.

Red wine, in particular, does not tolerate light very well, so avoid storing your opened bottle in a room with too much daylight or in the sun.
Ideally, it should be stored in a cupboard, in a case.

Finally, you must limit the oxidation of the wine: the air that comes into contact with the wine oxidizes it. It is therefore imperative to remember to close the bottle immediately after serving. It is traditionally recommended to put the original cork back on. You can also transfer the wine into a smaller bottle: the fuller the bottle, the less the wine will spoil.

Professional storage tools

If you want to keep an open bottle of wine for several weeks, we advise you to use a professional system, dedicated to the conservation of open bottles of wine or a wine by the glass dispenser. The quality of your wine will be guaranteed. We have selected the best storage tools:


Persorvac is distinguished by its efficiency: it is a simple system that allows to remove the oxygen contained in the bottle and avoid oxidation. This is done by means of a rotating pressure.
This system works for white, red and sparkling wines. Its high cost (about 350 euros) is quickly compensated by its efficiency.


This system is composed of a small pump and a rubber stopper that allows to pump the air out of the bottle and to preserve the wine for two to three days.
Vacuvin can be considered tedious as it can take up to 30 seconds to pump out the bottles. It is a careful operation as the rubber valve must not be broken by excessive pumping.
This tool is quite simple and accessible, and pays for itself quite quickly. It is intended for the short term conservation of small bottles that do not require conservation over several months.


The Tower proposes to recork the opened bottles to better preserve them. It is a question of conservation by vacuum, thus natural and which avoids the oxidation of the wine remaining in the bottle. This system is interesting because it is intended for red, white and sparkling wines! Indeed, to preserve sparkling wines, CO2 is injected into the bottle before closing it.

  • Nitrogen systems

These systems allow the conservation of opened bottles for two or even three weeks. At each bottling, the wine is replaced by food-grade nitrogen. This prevents the remaining wine from being oxidized. Nitrogen systems also regulate the temperature of the wine.
Nitrogen systems are mostly used in restaurants that offer high quality, expensive wines, which are not in demand. Such preservation tools are also expensive, as their maintenance must also be taken into account. They are therefore effective systems, but are intended for high-quality products.


This tool recently appeared in the United States and offers an original solution to the problem of preserving open wines. In order not to have to reseal the bottle after opening, Coravin proposes not to open it. A hollow needle pierces the cork to extract the wine, a bit like a syringe. During the extraction, the needle injects a neutral gas.
This process allows to take wine for several months without it being altered. This original system is quite expensive, since the syringe costs about 300 euros, not to mention the price of the gas cartridges. This technique is interesting for great wines and beautiful labels, but not very profitable for less prestigious wines. The cost of preservation should not exceed that of the bottle.

The revolution in wine distribution

Other methods get around the question of the conservation of opened bottles of wine by eliminating the bottle. In fact, it is a question of proposing a wine dispenser or another system of conservation and presentation of the product.


This system revolutionizes wine service, since the bottle is replaced by a "bag-in-box". In other words, a cubicle is used to contain the wine. This system is mostly used in restaurants for serving pitchers of wine. The tradition of serving wine by the glass remains linked to the practice of serving by the bottle.


This is a wine by the glass dispenser. The idea is original and allows the service of wine by the glass while promising an optimal conservation of the wine in the bottle. This system allows to preserve the wine up to 3 weeks under neutral gas (thus nitrogen and argon), and to maintain the wine at the good temperature of service.
One of the positive points of this system is also its presentation, its aesthetic. Design, the wine dispenser can be placed on the counter, to present the wines served to the customers.

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