10 erreurs à ne pas faire sur sa carte des vins - conseils aux professionnels
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10 mistakes not to make on your wine list

Making a wine list is not always easy: What information? How should it be formatted? How to classify your wines? All this without making mistakes that could jeopardize its credibility.

Nos conseils aux professionnels - La tendance des vins naturels dans les restaurants - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

4 things to know about the natural wine trend in restaurants

In recent years, natural wines have conquered restaurants. But what qualifies a wine as "natural"? Why would your customers like to have it on their menu? We give you the...

#Our advice to restaurateurs

5 new trends in wine consumption in restaurants

The consumption of wine has been decreasing in recent years, especially in restaurants. This is the opportunity for us to look at the new trends that are emerging, to understand the...

3 choses indispensables à savoir pour sa carte des vins de restaurant
#Our advice to restaurateurs

3 things you need to know for your restaurant wine list

Are you a professional looking to create and enhance your wine list? Or are you simply curious to discover the rules of this art? Les Grappes will explain you the conditions to make your wine list...

Nos conseils aux professionnels - Nos astuces pour conserver une bouteille de vin ouverte - Les Grappes
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Our tips for keeping an open bottle of wine

This article is mainly intended for restaurateurs who offer the wine by the glass formula. By this practice some bottles are not always finished, and this should not be a problem for you...

Nos conseils aux professionnels - Comment fixer les prix de sa carte des vins ? - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

5 things to know about setting the right prices on your wine list

The setting of rates is essential for the sustainability of your business. It allows you to establish a margin on your sales, but also to challenge the competition. Les Grappes offers you what you need to...

Nos conseils aux professionnels - La réglementation du vin au verre - Les Grappes
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The regulation of wine by the glass

The practice of serving wine by the glass is becoming more and more widespread. It is therefore subject to regulation, in order to control abuses, to preserve the quality of the product, while protecting the environment.

Nos conseils aux professionnels - Comment développer ses ventes avec le vin au verre ? - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

How to develop sales with wine by the glass?

Wine by the glass allows the customer to consume small quantities of quality wines. Consumers are turning more and more to this method of consumption because it allows access to great wines...

Nos conseils aux professionnels - Comment former ses serveurs à la vente et au service de vin ? - Les Grappes
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How do you train your waiters to sell and serve wine?

The secret to a good establishment's success would undoubtedly be impeccable service. Indeed your servers are the only intermediary between your products and the customers. As far as the customers are concerned, they are the ...

Nos conseils aux professionnels - Ouvrir un bar à vin - Les Grappes
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Open a wine bar

Who hasn't thought about opening a bar? And for you wine lovers, it would be a wine bar! Go from dream to project, and open your wine bar thanks to the advice given by Les Grappes. In this...
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How to become a sustainable restaurant?

What makes you choose one restaurant over another? The price of the menu? The menu? The type of cuisine? Its proximity to where you live? The decoration of the place? P...

Nos Conseils aux restaurants - Mais pourquoi les hommes ont pris tant de place dans le monde de la restauration - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

But why have men taken up so much space in the restaurant business?

Paul Bocuse, Guy Savoy, Cyril Lignac or Michel Bras, these French chefs are certainly familiar to you and you could quote more without too much difficulty. But what about the chefs that you...