What wine with a grilled pig?

The season of big family meals, between friends or weddings is coming. It was time to look at a dish that is becoming more and more popular: the grilled pig. Which wine with the grilled pig?

Three weddings and a party with friends last year and already 2 grilled pigs on the program. All cooked on the spit. The result is often excellent and the grilled pig cooked on the spit is the attraction.

A piglet or suckling pig will be perfect for your festive meals. And often we take care of the pig so much that we don't forget to ask ourselves what wine to make with a grilled pig! Because it's all very well to think about cooking your meat, but without wine, the dish is nothing !

Which wine with a grilled pig on the spit?

We have a tasty meat that is not in sauce, cooked on the spit so a roasted and woody taste. Let's take the side of red wines that are moderately powerful in the mouth and slightly tannic to accompany this little pig.

Then it is a question of preference and personal taste because other wines could be drunk with a grilled pig. But these will be the unanimous opinion of your guests! Which wine with a grilled pig? You have your answers.

Enjoy the tasting!

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