New Generation - our young and promising winemakers

The next generation is here! Son or daughter of a winegrower or simply passionate about this field, all are young and full of future. They sometimes bring modernity and technology into their technique, while respecting the traditions and know-how of their region. Viticulture has beautiful days ahead of it, with a promising generation, whose wines already show great expertise.

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Charlotte de Béarn - Chât. Joncquières

 Languedoc (Terrasses du Larzac)
“ eight centuries of know-how! ”

Charlotte took over from her parents when she was only 28 years of age. Charlotte is the 32nd generation of her family to manage the estate! Indeed, Château de Jonquière has never been sold and has always been passed on to the same family. Discover quickly the result of the transmission of know-how over 32 generations.

Jeanne Gaillard - Dom. Jeanne Gaillard

 Rhône (St-Joseph)
“ From succession to emancipation ”

Daughter of a winegrower (Pierre Gaillard), Jeanne has always had wine by her side. Her parents passed on to her the values of working in the vineyard and the cellar, so that she could one day fly on her own. From now on, the Jeanne estate extends over 120km along the Rhône Valley, between Ternay and Pont de l'Isère. Her "La Relève" vintage therefore takes on its full meaning!

Elise Gaillard - Domaine Madeloc

 Roussillon (Collioure)
“ Like father, like daughter! ”

It's a family taste for the Gaillard family. The parents have passed on their passion for wine to their 3 children. They have grown up in this warm and lively atmosphere. Thanks to the wines, she was able to discover new flavours that allowed her to create wines at her image. Between sea and mountains, Domaine Madeloc extends over 16 hectares of hillsides in Roussillon.

Thibault Chamfort - Dom. de Verquières

 Rhône (Rasteau,Côtes du Rhône)
“ Winegrowers and breeders of Rasteau ”

When Thibault took over the estate, his priority was the transition to organic farming. In 2014, he obtained the Organic Agriculture label "for our health and one day for that of our children", as he puts it so well. On this golden terroir, Thibault produces magnificent red wines with a rich and powerful bouquet.