Nos Vignerons les plus insolites

Some of our winegrowers are colourful characters, and this is reflected in their wines. How can you not be intrigued by the wines of Egiategia vinified under the sea, or by the use of the lunar calendar of the sisters of the "2 lunes " vineyard. Our winegrowers do not like to do like everyone else and therefore produce bottles that come out of the ordinary! Let yourself be surprised by our most unusual winegrowers!

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Emmanuel Poirmeur - Egiategia

“ Under the sea ”

One day, Emmanuel Poirmeur had this crazy idea to make his wine underwater! This agricultural engineer filled the patent for underwater vinification in 2008. Then, decidedly risk-adverse, he set up his vineyard on a virgin territory on the Basque Coast. He now offers his wine in red, white and rosé and offers you completely unique wines to discover as soon as possible!

Laetitia Allemand - Domaine Allemand

 Alpes du Sud
“ Vines in the spotlight ”

Journalist and winegrower, it's not commonplace. However, Laetitia Allemand successfully combines these two professions. She contributes a lot to our blog in order to make you discover the French appellations. In her vineyard, she militates for rare grape varieties, with her father, they replanted the Mollard, a typical Savoy grape variety.

Eric Bompard - Bergerie d'Aquino

“ Between gastronomy and immediate pleasure! ”

A range made to be tasted right away with friends and a more gastronomic range. Both are successful thanks to the sunshine of this small hidden domain. The owner is none other than Eric Bompard, helped by an oenologist, he bought this estate in 2014 to pursue his other passion: wine.

Sébastien Philibert - Le Jas des Papes

 Vallée du Rhône
“ The most important part of a good wine is made in the vineyard ”

On the same plot of land, several soils. To preserve its uniqueness each plot is vinified separately. At jas des Papes, the greatest care is taken not to damage the juices as this would reduce the quality of the wines! A must try: Châteauneuf-du-Pape coming from an organic agriculture !

Luc Abadie - La Coume-Lumet

“ Passion, encounters and a taste for adventure... ”

La Coume-Lumet is a story of encounters. An encounter between a mathematical engineer and a psychologist who after tasting Languedoc wines in the years 2000 and after meeting an oenologist fell in love with the Languedoc region and decided to embark on a crazy adventure of conversion in order to finally live out their passion !