Our corporate gift offer

A gift from French harvesting winegrowers

Les Grappes offers you a corporate gift according to your desires and your needs and directly from the estate!

Wines to choose amongst many references from our harvesting winegrowers' catalogue.

Champagne, Grands Crus from Burgundy, Rhône, Bordeaux or even the discovery of several French wine regions, Les Grappes helps you create your gift box!

From 45€ HT

Our themed gift boxes

Discovery Gift Box

Starting 45€ HT

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Prestige Gift Box

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The tailor-made and customizable gift box

Choose the winegrower and the region of your choice from a selection of the Les Grappes catalogue to compose your own box set

Starting 100€ HT

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What you will find in our gift boxes

The 3 bottles to taste!

A tasting sheet with a presentation of the winegrowers

Your personalised gift card with your logo and colours

A responsible and committed gift

Be part of our commitment by offering our wine box!

The Les Grappes gift box highlights the French harvesting winegrowers to value those who hide behind the bottle!

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