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Les Grappes offers you a corporate gift to please your employees or your customers! According to your wishes and needs, offer wine directly from the winegrowers' estate.

Wines to choose from among the many references in our catalogue of winegrowers.

Bubbles, Grands Crus from Burgundy, the Rhône, Bordeaux or the discovery of several French wine regions, our team of experts will help you compose your gift box!

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The 3 bottles to taste!

A tasting sheet with a presentation of the winegrowers

Your personalised gift card with your logo and colours

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The Les Grappes gift box highlights the French harvesting winegrowers to value those who hide behind the bottle!

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Les Grappes Corporate Gifts & Business Gifts - Wine & Champagne : you will enjoy many advantages

As a business owner, you work with many employees and partners. To express your satisfaction or to keep them loyal, you can give them gifts. And what could be better than wine or champagne for special professional occasions?

Wine and champagne, when should they be offered?

First and foremost, you need to choose the right time to send a corporate gift and a business gift. These gifts let your employees, partners and customers know that you value your collaboration. They also help you maintain good relations with your suppliers.

If you want to send this type of gift, choose the right dates. Wine and champagne should be sent on special occasions. These business gifts are especially important when launching a product or brand.

Wine and champagne, what do you need to know about these gifts?

Offering wine as a corporate and business gift is quite common. It allows you to build customer loyalty with a customer gift that makes them happy. But also to let them know that they are important and that you wish to continue your collaboration.

However, you must be careful if you wish to offer champagne. Indeed, sending a bottle of champagne can be perceived as a bad idea. To avoid faux-pas, send this corporate gift and business gift during the festive season. You can also send it in January. 

You should know that sending wines and champagnes as a corporate gift has many tax advantages. You can indeed benefit from a reduction in VAT. This is the case if the gift or all the gifts you wish to send do not exceed the sum of 69 euros. As a reminder, packaging and postage costs must be included in this amount.

You should also note that company gifts and business gifts are tax-deductible under certain conditions. On the one hand, they must be given in the direct interest of the company, in a lawful manner. On the other hand, they must not exceed the sum of 3,000 euros.

Wine and champagne, which type of drink should I choose?

Here are some tips to help you stand out when giving wine and champagne as corporate and business gifts.

Opt for organic production. Many companies choose this approach to indicate their commitment to CSR. Also choose drinks from French culture. By selecting products from France, you will be promoting the know-how of local wine producers while contributing to the country's economy. These choices will have a positive impact on your company's image with customers and employees.

To help you find the right wines and champagnes, visit Les Grappes. This wine specialist has a wide selection of organic drinks. You will always find the right bottle for you.