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A thousand leagues under the sea

Egiategia is the story of a winegrower from the South-West who takes the codes of winemaking to heart. Emmanuel is the first French winegrower to have raised his wine in underwater immersion... e...

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Emmanuel Poirmeur, the winegrower from Egiategia, has created a wine concept that is surprising. Passionate about vines since childhood, Emmanuel logically became an agronomist and oenologist. After a dense and diverse but already atypical journey in the wine industry, he surprises again by embarking on an individual adventure in 2008. He created Egiategia ex nihilo in virgin vine territory: on the French Basque Coast!

Our story

The history of Egiategia, "the workshop of truths" in Basque, is recent and irrelevant. Everything was born of a strong conviction: to create from a blank page, with the freedom of the pioneers of the new wine-growing worlds, a first exploitation on the French side of the Basque Coast.

In this perspective, Emmanuel filed in 2007 the patent for immersion and maturing of wines under water. Yes, you read well, underwater! Some of its wines undergo a second alcoholic fermentation in vats immersed 15 metres deep in the middle of the Bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

At the same time, his first Chardonnay vines were planted between the ocean and the mountains in 2009: the dream quickly became a reality and the adventure continued... In 2011, he renovated an old abandoned 18th century building into a winemaking cellar in Socoa.

Other little stories

"Without dogma, I consider the chain of gestures that lead from the driving of the vine to the elaboration of a wine as a creative process in its own right over a long period of time. The wine is the result, its emerged part and the finally tangible part. It is this result that you can taste, but to fully appreciate it you must also understand the approach, the trajectory, that gave this result."

"I seek to propose wines that challenge to stop time, to allow this ephemeral moment where emotions, sensations, reflections, memories occur. The
best thing is to come and see us in Socoa (visits only by reservation), it's one more reason to discover or return to
the Basque

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 80 reviews
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