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Domaine d'Ouréa

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Haute couture viticulture for the Dentelles de Montmirail

The creation of this vineyard is a meeting, a love story for three people. These places which, through the intermediary of a translator and the stubbornness of men, give birth to great wines. Our vi...

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(84) Vaucluse

Under its peaceful appearance, the vineyard is a place of character, with a Mediterranean character. The noble rusticity of the rolled limestone pebbles tames this land of fire. Our Gigondas is located on a scree panel directly attached to the Dentelles de Montmirail. During the different interglacial periods, the limestone rock cracked at depth, erosion ventilated downstream of the limestone and marl debris. This slope is open, airy and bright, with a south-facing exposure that allows the grapes to reach full maturity.

The altitude preserves the balance and freshness of the wines, a guarantee of "drinkability". This location nestled in the highest part of the Dentelles has given the name of the Domaine "Ouréa". He is the Greek God of Mountains and High Mountains. Limestone, through the vine, lets us know that it is alive.

In order to translate the richness of the place, we have chosen a local translator: Grenache. It is located at its northern limit of culture, and expresses itself with grace and elegance. The wines produced from them age harmoniously.

Our story

Nelly FRANCE from Brittany and Arnaud DE BOEL from Belgium, we did not (unfortunately) inherit a vineyard, so we have to create everything from scratch. To create everything from scratch is to buy from the bucket (harvest to the vat, through the land, and the cellar! And it is also the possibility to plant land and work it "cleanly" from the beginning. In any case, it is beautiful daily challenges that animate us!

After 15 years working for other estates in France and abroad, we started planting our first vines in 2016 in the northern Rhône. Luckily (and we need some!), we were also able to acquire plots of old vines in the southern Rhône.

Other little stories

Being a winegrower means first of all having a perfect knowledge of the terroir and the vine, by mastering for the best all the changing and evolving factors that surround it. It is also a passion, a sharing rewarded by precise and rigorous work. A review is essential in order to get the best out of each vintage!

My wines are often classified as original and atypical. Indeed, due to the selection of the terroirs, the wines are harmonious, elegant and with a beautiful balance. We find finesse and minerality, power and depth.

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Domaine d'Ouréa
 73 reviews
2018, Vallée du Rhône - Vin de France
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Domaine d'Ouréa
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2018, Vallée du Rhône - Vacqueyras
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Domaine d'Ouréa
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2018, Vallée du Rhône - Gigondas
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