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Jean-Marc Brocard

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"Look, shut up, learn"

Known as an expert on his terroir, Jean-Marc Brocard has been convinced since his beginnings in 1973 that respect for the land must remain the foundation of his work. That's why he always....

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(89) Yonne

The Brocard family's vineyard is located in Préhy, a small village near Chablis where Jean-Marc Brocard chose to build his estate 40 years ago. It was at this time that Louis Petit, a member of his in-laws, "taught him the vine" and at the same time passed on to him values as important as respect for nature and traditions.

Today, 80 hectares of vines are being converted to organic farming, making the Jean-Marc Brocard estate one of the most important organic vineyards in Burgundy. Our aspiration is that in the long term, all our vines will be converted. The result is clear, pure, mineral wines, full of freshness and with a strong personality.

We produce our wines in almost all the Chablis appellations, from the 1er Cru to the Grand Cru and including the old vines. In all, we offer nearly twenty vintages to lovers of Burgundy white wines.

Our story

In 1974, Jean-Marc started his estate with one hectare. Today, he is known for his expertise in the Chablis terroir. Visionary and above all passionate about his terroir, he tries to tame the Chablis vineyard known as a mosaic of climates and soils. The winegrower strives to intervene as little as possible in his processes of treating the vine and maturing his wines.

In the 90s, Julien joined his father and began working on the estate. A few years later, the young winegrower created Domaine de la Boissonneuse where he grows and raises biodynamic wines. His will: to respect the terroir with cultivation methods that promote the development of local fauna and flora. In 2005, Julien received the Organic Agriculture and then Demeter for his vintages.

Other little stories

"Look, shut up, learn" is how I learned the trade from Louis Petit, a member of my in-laws. Today, I am passing on the estate with the same values that are close to my heart. The expression of each terroir is the key to our work, an everyday task.

From now on, more than 66 hectares are cultivated in organic agriculture at the estate and we are continuing our journey to bring you the diversity of the terroirs of Chablis.

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