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Champagne Brimoncourt

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Elegance, Sharing, Spirit, Independence and Lightness.

Brimoncourt is based in Aÿ, in the historical heart of the vineyard, in buildings and gardens that will soon be two hundred years old. This Aegean anchoring is a promise that commits us to provide very good care...

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(51) Marne

Free of Spirit and driven by a constant desire for excellence, Brimoncourt is a lively and audacious company, which wishes to pay tribute to the original spirit of champagne wine, free and light in essence. "Each of the champagnes in the Brimoncourt range expresses a soft suppleness but quite deep, with ever-present citrus notes and a mouth leading to freshness and balance." Michel Bettane, Criticism

Our story

Inspired by the Regency Spirit, Brimoncourt is a timeless and faithful tribute to the origin of champagne wine. The House embodies the values of elegance, sharing, independence and lightness. Brimoncourt cultivates the delicate balance between modernity and tradition. Passionate about History and fascinated by the tireless quest of Men for excellence, admirer of nature, lover of the land of Champagne and its wine, Alexandre Cornot infuses this particular touch of personality and his almost obsessive demand into each of the House's creations, which he bought in 2008. Brimoncourt is our timeless and faithful tribute to this history that carries us and whose cardinal values are elegance, sharing, independence and lightness. The expression of our champagnes and always that of a joyful elegance. This assumed and claimed standard is carried by delicate wines, of a very high quality, which combine freshness, balance and suppleness.

Other little stories

Humility, will, action, contemplation... wonder, fun... are the values of the Brimoncourt team... and they are not negotiable. The Champagne terroir is unique. Its northern geographical position, its harsh climatic conditions, its location on hillsides and the particularities of its subsoil make it a terroir with a faceted personality. Brimoncourt, through the rigorous selection of its supplies, promotes the practice of sustainable viticulture throughout the vine cycle: nutrition of the soil and the vine, maintenance of biodiversity, balance of the vine and expression of its natural defences. This requirement is made possible by the fact that our development is not a forced process.

I have many memories of wine tasting! But there is one who flies above the others, if I may say so... It was between New York and Paris on Concorde: 16,000 meters above sea level and Mach 2: Dom Pérignon 1993... Not a sound, not a vibration, the dazzling sky, speed and this excellent wine: an unforgettable moment, a peak of civilisation! It is this champagne that we want, the champagne of celebration, of lightness, a wine that is not intimidating, that we drink for pure pleasure and not in solemnity. Solemnity is very good. Carelessness too....

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