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Champagne Goutorbe Bouillot

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We are a family business. Heirs of the Goutorbe and Bouillot families, we have been manipulating harvesters since the creation of the brand and, moreover, independent winegrowers...

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(51) Marne

We are a family business. Heirs of the Goutorbe and Bouillot families, we have been harvesting manipulants since the creation of the brand and, what is more, independent winegrowers, and our structure is located in Damery, a village in the Marne Valley, in the heart of the Champagne region.

We farm 8 hectares under the HVE (High Environmental Value) certification on clay-limestone soils. We work without malolactic fermentation to offer wines full of finesse and freshness. Since 1980, we have been using the "solera" or "perpetual reserve" method to blend our wines. Some of our vintages are a blend of more than 30 years old.

Our story

The saga of the Goutorbe-Bouillot family took place and still takes place on the grounds of a small village in the heart of champagne, Damery. The three protagonists are the Bouillot family, Goutorbe and Palpeux. They have been promoting their philosophy of respect for the terroirs since 1911 while seeking to stand out by opting in particular for the method of assembling the perpetual reserve.

Other little stories

As a student, I didn't turn to viticulture. I even told my parents that I didn't want to take over the farm. So here I am in a law degree, then a business school (ICN in Nancy) with the desire to see a little of the country.

The wine world quickly caught up with me as I started my professional life in wine marketing and then in wine sales in England for a few years. All this to come back for a BTS in Viticulture and Oenology to take over the family business in 2010.

The wine grower's profession is a passionate one (which often needs to mature a little), a demanding, complete but a real achievement. In the end, all roads lead to wine! Our blending methods and the blocking of malolactic fermentation make our wines unique. Making wine in champagne today is to play on centuries of tradition by constantly evolving.

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