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Champagne Météyer père et fils

The fine bubbles with the family

The Maison Météyer runs a 14-hectare vineyard in the commune of Trélou-sur-Marne, on the banks of the Marne. We work our plots of land with our families according to wine-growing methods ...

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(02) Aisne

Champagne Météyer père et fils : Book Visits and Wine Tastings at the Vineyard


Event... Refinement in its raw state (only during the harvest period)

Take part in the effervescence of the Champagne harvest! An ideal opportunity to measure the intransigence of the Independent Winegrower's profession. * Visit of the press * Visit of the winery * Tast...
30 min  |  up to 50 | 15€00 / Adults

Evidence... Unmissable route (all public)

Discover a family saga and the ancestral heritage of the Maison Météyer. Deepen your wine culture in the UNI-VERRE of the Vigneron Champenois. * Welcome to the property & presentation of the House * Gu...
2h  |  from 2 to 35 | 25€00 / Adults

Exclusive... Instant customization

Enrich your oenological knowledge with a thematic and instructive MasterClass. Refine your knowledge and your palate by tasting the Cuvées signed Franck Météyer. * Visit Evidence (museum, video, cellar, ...
2h  |  from 4 to 35 | 30€00 / Adults

Emotion... Pleasures of the senses (child-friendly)

Live an astonishing sensory experience in an atypical and timeless setting. Share friendly and playful moments dedicated to your 5 senses. * Visit Evidence (museum, video, cellar, exhibition) * Origina...
2h30  |  from 4 to 35 | 40€00 / Adults

Heritage... Time travel (from April to October, depending on the weather)

Attend an unusual and costumed animation, played in three times... Dive into a Champagne epic featuring the highest values of UNESCO. * HERITAGE & INHERITANCE: guided and commented visit - Museum, Ce...
4h  |  from 10 to 35 | 55€00 / Adults

Reference... Perfection of agreements

Become a privileged witness of the most beautiful complicity between History, Art and Champagne. Treat yourself to this educational and gourmet MasterClass. * Visit Evidence (museum, video, cellar, exhi...
4h  |  from 10 to 35 | 75€00 / Adults
Champagne Météyer père et fils
39 rue de l'Europe
02850, Trelou sur marne
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