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Champagne Régis Desbleds

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When Jazz invites itself into your bubbles!

The Champagne House is located in Reims. The wines are made from 50% PREMIER CRU grapes from our vineyard in PIERRY (southern slopes of EPERNAY), we are a family business.

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The Champagne House is located in Reims, the vineyards cover an area of 2 hectares. The wines are made from 50% of grapes classified as Premier Cru from our Pierry vineyard located on the southern slopes of EPERNAY. The Champagnes of the estate highlight the terroir of Pierry based on a typical bedrock of limestone and SILEX which give our wines (50% of our production) a minerality much appreciated by connoisseurs and professionals - wine merchants of our customers. Always constant in quality, our various vintages are raised and conceived to accompany you during your celebrations, your cocktails, your dinners, they will always be perfect from the aperitif to the most delicate dishes and throughout your evenings between friends.

Our story

Son and grandson of a winegrower, I learnt my trade as a winegrower with my father Michel DESBLEDS, and my Grandmother Julia DESBLEDS, then I evolved in different positions in three Champagne Houses: Production Manager, Cellar Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, General Manager, these various experiences completed my training. In 2015, I came back to our family land to develop the marketing and sales of our vintages. Also musician, drummer in a jazz band, these two passions I connect and share them through my wines.

Other little stories

Fascinated by aromatic notes, as much as by musical notes, my story is intimately linked to Jazz. Perfect harmony between Jazz and Champagne, from this happy marriage was born my cuvée Jazz, in its blue livery for a musical evocation of the famous Label BLUE NOTE.
Winemaker and Musician, I have created this special cuvée to pay tribute to performers, composers, authors, their creation and, to all the organizers of Jazz Festivals around the world, it embodies my signature: conceive, elaborate, raise my Wines....tout en musique !!!!

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