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Historical and family wine estate, where we harvest all our 14 different grape varieties by hand.

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(44) Loire-Atlantique

Our story

I am the 4th generation at Château du Bois Huaut, a historic wine estate since 1897. We harvest all our 14 different grape varieties by hand, which allows us to offer more than 25 different wines, ranging from dry white to semi-dry, sweet wines, rosés, and light or structured reds.our philosophy is to produce wines of great concentration and intense finesse. Our philosophy focuses on the quality of the grapes, in order to produce wines with a beautiful concentration and intense finesse. The hand-picking allows us to obtain a severe sorting where nothing is left to chance.

Other little stories

On our estate, each wine is made from a single grape variety in order to bring out the aromas of a single grape in each of our vintages. My mother being of Portuguese origin, we market the entire production of Olive Oil produced by my grandparents in Portugal. A sweet and aromatic oil that can accompany salads or for cooking

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