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Laurence Rigal

Château du Grand Caumont

Anecdotes about the domain

Born in Paris but having spent my childhood walking every inch of the Grand Caumont, I shared unforgettable moments with the children and teenagers who lived on the estate with their families, building huts, fishing for eels at night, selling peaches in the villages... Later, after graduating from Sciences Po and working in advertising, I didn't hesitate to give up everything to start the beautiful adventure of wine. Two people are essential to me, Patrick, our cellar master for 32 years, and Pascale who accompanies me in the promotion and sales of our vintages. Our wines are typical of the South, warm, powerful, fruity, but above all they are the opposite of extreme concentration or hardness. The elegance, the charm, the silky tannins must accompany each moment of the life of our customers and friends and bring them a true pleasure of the South. The world of wine is an infinite discovery and meeting winemakers from other regions or countries is always a great pleasure for me.
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The domain's short story

Louis Rigal, founder of the "Société des Roqueforts Louis Rigal", bought the Grand Caumont estate in 1906 and bequeathed it to his son, also named Louis. His wife Françoise, originally from Normandy, twenty-one years his junior, enterprising and passionate, developed the estate in her turn, introduced new grape varieties, optimized the vinifications and produced high quality vintages. Since 2003, I have taken over with the same passion after 17 years in marketing and advertising in Paris. I have developed new vintages, notably in white and rosé Corbières and our great vintage "Capus Monti" and have continued this quest for quality and aromatic pleasure. The wines of Château du Grand Caumont, rich in very old Carignan vines vinified in whole bunches, with aromas of fruit and spices, combine the sunshine of the beautiful terroirs of the South, roundness, suppleness and elegance.

The winemaker's pride

Located in the heart of the Corbières on the site of an old Roman villa, Château du Grand Caumont extends over 100 ha of plain and hillsides along the garrigues. The clay-limestone and rocky soil, the sunny and windy dry climate, the old Carignan vines cultivated with care and passion by Laurence Rigal allow her to produce fruity and spicy, round, elegant and silky sun wines.
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