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Château Gadet-Terrefort

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From father to daughter!

Anaïs fell into it when she was little. Even if she first tried to work in another sector: auditing, Anaïs quickly understood that she could not do anything other than to audit...

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(33) Gironde

Our story

Before the girl, there was the father. Founded in 1921, the property only covered a few hectares at the time. Then in 1976, Christian Bernard took over the estate to develop it, replanted it into noble grape varieties and modernised it. Today, Anaïs also wishes to develop tourism and has created guest rooms in the area.

Other little stories

"I had the opportunity to meet a winegrower who did not come from this area and who once told me: "In life you have to choose! It opened my eyes to my professional choice: auditing. So I decided to leave everything and start my studies again in the wine sector in Bordeaux. My father wanted to pass on his torch to me and I threw myself into the water."

"Of feelings. For me wine is the impression of a moment; and when it becomes a memory, a place, a moment, a meeting, a meal, it enters into timelessness, the unforgettable!"

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