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Château La Calisse

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From the Pont des Arts to Pontevès

Graduated in philosophy of man and from the Louvre School in Greek archaeology, Patricia changed painting in 1991 when she became an oenologist and bought this high potential field, then at the a....

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Our story

Olive trees for strength and longevity and lavender for its protective properties surrounding the vines, Patricia cultivates with passion what nature has to offer. The winning triptych of vine, terroir and work has enabled Patricia to turn Château La Calisse into a Grand Domaine de Provence in twenty years! Château La Calisse wines are wines of character to discover absolutely!

Other little stories

"The Castle was once a silkworm nursery, where silkworms were raised. Many other activities were practiced such as the cultivation of olive trees or almond trees to supply the calissons workshops in Aix."

The estate's vines were completely replanted after the restructuring of the château in 1991 by Patricia. Located at an altitude of 380 metres, the estate is under the influence of a microclimate as well as a terroir that allows a very favourable cultivation of the vine. All harvesting is carried out by hand and when the grapes reach full maturity.

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