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Domaine de Chantegut

The Domaine de Chantegut is a family estate created in 1959 by Rémi Marseille, my grandfather, whose specificity is reflected in a wine matured in a magnificent old Magnaneraie: Des vers à....

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Domaine de Chantegut : Book Visits and Wine Tastings at the Vineyard


Visit and tasting at the Domaine

We propose a visit of our cellar to discover all about the wine making process, as well as a tour in our plots to know all about the vegetative cycle of the vine and the work of the soil. Then, we wil...
2h  |  from 4 to 15 | 12€00 / Adults
Domaine de Chantegut
858 route de tourreau
84260, Sarrians
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