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Domaine de l'Accent

This wine estate, on a human scale, was born from the passion of a young oenologist with a Tyrolean accent. My philosophy: "focus on the good things". So, from my chalky plots of land, I...

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(34) Hérault

Our story

This is Konrad Pixner, whom life's path has landed on the Terrasses du Larzac to make his dream come true. Born in Italy, in the German-speaking mountains of South Tyrol, to a father who was a mechanic and a mother who was a teacher, he took the gamble in 2018 to create his own estate, stone by stone, in the south of France. A passionate winemaker-oenologist, he finds his happiness on the Terrasses du Larzac, working his vines and wines alone, letting himself be guided by his ideas fed by the practices of the terroir, his know-how and his art of emphasizing the good stuff.

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A Tyrolean, clay-limestone terraces, traditional grape varieties, a few strokes of the pickaxe and the art of focusing on the good stuff.

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