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Domaine de Rombeau

Anecdotes about the domain

Our leitmotif is this sentence full of lightness and sincerity: "Here, the work of nature and that of men enter in resonance to create exceptional wines." The implementation of new processes of wine making always accompanied by a marked respect for nature allows us to achieve balanced and quality wines. Our vineyard has been worked for more than 25 years in integrated viticulture and, since 2010, a quarter of it has been converted to organic farming.
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The domain's short story

It's a family story! It all started when Henri de La Fabrègue, great grandfather of the current owner, Pierre-Henri, owned some vines. These were ideal for the production of natural sweet wines so faithful to the terroir of Roussillon. But it was his son Henri II de la Fabrègue, who after a successful career as a hematologist, took up his work and research and brought the great natural sweet wines to the excellence we know today. Pierre-Henri de la Fabrègue, the current owner, also knew how to impose his paste to this domain by adding the right modernity to reach an exceptional and subtle quality of wine thanks to a technological equipment, reasoned viticulture then organic. By creating the Auberge du Domaine de Rombeau and by buying the hotel des vignes, he has made the Domaine de Rombeau an essential wine tourism site in the Roussillon. The next generation is also present and it is not about to stop... His nephew Philippe and his daughter Elise, are ready because the domain is growing and is already turning to an export development of its wines since 2013, while continuing its quest for product excellence in order to do justice to the wonderful terroir of Agly and to this priceless family heritage.

The winemaker's pride

Benefiting from an excellent terroir of the Agly plain, the vines of the Rombeau estate flourish thanks to the Roussillon climate, which has been favorable to the cultivation of vines since Roman times. The local grape varieties are used on our 87 hectares of vines (macabeu, malvoisie, grenache, mourvèdre, white grenache, muscat petit grain and muscat d'alexandrie...) as well as more foreign grape varieties. The adaptation of the latter has amazed us because merlot, cabernet-sauvignon, marsanne, roussanne, petit manseng, vermentino are not really regional of the stage... Our clay-limestone soils of rolled pebbles cover relatively shallow water tables which allow the vine to develop harmoniously despite a hydric stress linked to the low rainfall of the region. The tramontana and the sea wind help dry the vines and promote photosynthesis, and nature has provided us with an exceptional site with all the conditions required to produce great wines.
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