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Domaine des Aires Hautes

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(34) Hérault

Our story

The domaine des Aires Hautes was created in 1938 by my grandparents. From a very young age, I accompanied them, with my parents, in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. A passion that became a profession in 1990, when I decided to settle down to pursue what remains, even today, a formidable family adventure. My parents, my wife, my brother, my children and of course my friends all contribute in one way or another to the development of the estate. Located in the Haut Languedoc National Park, straddling the Minervois and Minervois La Livinière appellations, I have a 30 hectare plot of land in the heart of the garrigue, on marl, sandstone and clayey-limestone terraces. A formidable playground which allows me to make red, white or rosé wines, to keep or to drink young, but this diversity has nevertheless a common root: the will to express and develop my terroir in a deep respect for my environment. Manual harvesting, fine selection of grapes, manual punching of the cap, reasoned management, AB certification from 2009 and, since this year, a natural cuvée: Les Catherines. You will discover fine, rich and balanced wines, full of sunshine, with melted tannins releasing aromas of spices, black fruits or cocoa. Hoping to give you great moments of sharing and pleasure!

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