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Domaine La Rune

The Domaine de la Rune, located on the Hautes Corbières massif, is now run by the 5th generation of the Rémon family. The gestures have not really changed, the philosophy of the res....

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The Domaine de la Rune, located on the Hautes Corbières massif, is now run by the 5th generation of the Rémon family. The actions have not really changed, nor has the philosophy of respect for the terroirs, as the family, aware of the richness of these vines, takes all the necessary care with love. The 35 plots of land spread over the estate's rocky slopes are spread over the communes of Talairan, St Laurent de la Cabrerisse and Jonquières. All the actions carried out are in a prophylactic approach. The
altitude gives the vines the freshness necessary for the perfect maturation of the tannins and the preservation of very
fruity and fresh
The cellar is very modern and was built entirely by the family. The eco-responsible materials have been carefully chosen while respecting ancestral techniques. This cellar is semi underground and has perfect insulation. This technical tool is essential for working the grapes and
ageing the wine. The
tanks are cubic and covered with concrete, which allows manual punching down and
pumping over

Between know-how and personal sensitivity, the gustatory line of the wines is finesse, some are then worked for power or others more on ease. This whole qualitative process also requires a lot of technical expertise


Our story

Perched at an altitude of 200 metres in the Hautes Corbières, the estate is located in a natural and wild environment. The terroirs are very varied and are exposed to a northwest wind. The climate is very dry, which minimizes the treatments in order to obtain bunches rich in sugars and flavours of garrigue.

The red grape varieties present are Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre and Cinsault. The
white grape varieties are Bourboulenc (a typical grape variety in the South of
France) and Marsanne.
The grapes are vinified in destemmed, which means that the vegetable part of the bunch is removed so as not to have too herbaceous aromas.
punching down is manual which allows a gentle extraction of
the colour.
The vinification is carried out in barrels or half-muid (600 litres), the half-muid has gradually replaced the muid.
maturing of southern and Mediterranean wines is often carried out in this large
barrel. In

2015, the estate made its first vintage in ecological transition and today the estate has switched entirely to




Other little stories

The place known as the domain is called La Rune, which is why the domain is called that way. The name of this estate inspired the winegrowers for the name of the vintages, so you will notice that some of the vintages have names straight from the runic alphabet! This writing from Northern Europe was often engraved in stones and is now found on bottle labels! Each rune is equivalent to a symbol, to tell you if this symbol makes you think of this wine! A
little more, you can also discover a weaving workshop installed in
the domain.

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