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Anecdotes about the domain

Being a winegrower is first and foremost a profession that reminds us how humble we must be. Nature dictates its laws to us, sometimes quite severe, but what pride to work daily in the middle of landscapes each day different and to magnify what Mother Nature entrusts to us. What a pleasure it is to leave at dawn to work in the vineyards, to meet the animals enjoying the quietness of the morning, to see the sun rise, sometimes to exchange a few words with the aeronaut and his passengers in the hot air balloon flying over the vineyard! It is also the pleasure to meet people, amateurs or initiates, and to hear their surprise, their delight when they discover a vintage, an unknown flavor, and that they overcome their prejudices to finally appreciate the fruit of our work. Finally, it is an opportunity to discover our profession in its technical and human dimensions. How many people admit that they did not suspect that to dip their lips in a glass of wine, so much work and so many steps were necessary? My wines have only one claim: to combine simplicity and authenticity.
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The domain's short story

How could I have done any other job? My future was all mapped out. Son of wine growers, I was born on January 22nd, the day when we celebrate Saint-Vincent, patron saint of wine growers. A sign of destiny, no doubt... The farm has grown little by little over the years and generations to reach today a human size. Thus, I can take care of all the steps inherent to my job, from the work in the vineyard to the sale, through the wine making. This allows me to enjoy both the tranquility in the vineyards but also to create a social link: this balance between listening to nature and human relations gives my job all its richness.

The winemaker's pride

It is in the heart of the Loire Valley castles and at the crossroads of the three provinces (Berry, Sologne and Touraine) that the estate is classified as an AOC Touraine. Neighbours of the Beauval zoo, the vines are rocked by the songs of birds, the cries of monkeys, the roars of wild animals and other animal languages. A change of scenery guaranteed!
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 winemaker domain picture  winemaker domain picture  winemaker domain picture  winemaker domain picture  winemaker domain picture  winemaker domain picture  winemaker domain picture


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