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Domaine Nairaud Suberville

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The presence of vines in Chateaumeillant is reported since the 6th century. The vineyard developed considerably in the Middle Ages until it reached an area of 1200 hectares around 1860. Completely....

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(18) Cher

Domaine Nairaud Suberville : Book Visits and Wine Tastings at the Vineyard


Presentation of the estate & Tasting of its wines

(1 rating)
Presentation of the estate and tasting of its wines in AOC Chateaumeillant
30 min  |  up to 60 | Gratuit

Visit of the cellars & Tasting

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Guided tour of the cellars - Tasting of the estate's wines
1h30  |  up to 60 | Gratuit
Domaine Nairaud Suberville
Route de Culan
18370, Chateaumeillant
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