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Domaine Saint Amant

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Incredible freshness at 500m altitude in Suzette

In 1990, her parents left Paris to found the Saint-Amant estate in the small village of Suzette. In 1995, the first vintages are born, it is this year that Camille takes taste...

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(84) Vaucluse

In 1990, her parents left Paris to found the Saint-Amant estate in the small village of Suzette. In 1995, the first vintages were born, and it was in that year that Camille developed a taste for the profession of winemaker. She became the manager of the domain in 2002, and produces high altitude wines with a different balance from those of the plain, more on the roundness than the power. The wines are greedy, easy to drink and, at the same time, age superbly.

Our story

A high altitude domain in the south. Superb site overlooking the Rhone valley, with a breathtaking view of the Dentelles de Montmirail, the Mont Ventoux, the Vaucluse mountains, the Luberon, the Alpilles... The terroir is composed of small terraces on hillsides, on a mixed soil, stony and/or marly scree, chaotic, complex, some veins of which date back to the Triassic period (120 million years ago) at an altitude of 400 to 600 meters.
Half of the vineyard is planted with white viognier grapes with a little roussanne.
The reds are AOC Beaumes de Venise.

It will soon be 25 years since my parents, Jacques and Nathalie Wallut, left Paris to settle in the small village of Suzette, which they had discovered some twenty years earlier.
Active and creative, they founded the Saint Amant estate by buying vines left and right and replanting Viognier, the emblematic grape variety of Condrieu to which my father has a fetishistic cult.
They are accompanied in this process by a renowned oenologist from Chateauneuf du Pape: Noël Rabot.

From 0 hectares in 1990, the estate has grown to 13 hectares in 2015, including 5.5 hectares planted with Viognier.
The modern cellar, buried, equipped with a cold unit, and where the grapes are vatted by gravity, was built in 1995, and the first vintages were born that year.
It was time to start selling... The whole family started to sell, and that's when I got a taste for the complex - but very satisfying - job of winemaker.
In 2002, I became the manager. It was great!

Other little stories

Life outdoors in a superb setting after 10 years in NYC is changing and not to displease me! What I appreciate most is the variety of work: in the vineyards, in the cellar, for sale - but no, not the administrative side! Every year is different and no two are alike and that's great! The encounters in the wine world are all equally rich: professional and individual; I like the interest, curiosity and emotion that a glass of wine can arouse!

The specificity of high-altitude wines: The balance is different from that of the plain, more round than powerful. The wines are gourmet, easy to drink, easy to digest, you can easily return to them... At the same time, they age very well.

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