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Domaine Schoenheitz

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The best of Alsace

Schoenheitz... a whole promise is contained in this name which, in Alsatian dialect, leads us to the side of "beauty" and "taste" for "good things". Find these miracle ingredients quickly....

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(68) Haut-Rhin

Our story

It was in Burgundy that Henri and Dominique met, while they were still at the wine school! In Beaune, between the oenology and viticulture classes, they decided to take over the Schoenheitz estate, they appropriated it by designing their own winemaking cellar.

Other little stories

"In Wihr-au-Val, the last Alsatian hills flirt with the first foothills of the Vosges under often extreme conditions. It is in this demanding environment that we have chosen to cultivate our vines for more than thirty years."

"Over 15 hectares, we work on the range of Alsatian wines according to sustainable viticulture applying the principles of environmentally friendly agriculture: we minimize water, air and soil pollution to promote soil balance in the long term. In our vineyards, we therefore opt for natural grassing, no chemical fertilizers and treatments limited to what is strictly necessary."

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