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Elie is an experienced and passionate winemaker and cellar master. He has been cultivating vineyards and making wines for 25 years. His wines are easy to digest, respecting and expressing the terroirs of Bordeaux.

Anecdotes about the domain

Elie says: "I am an experienced and passionate winemaker and cellar master. I have been managing vineyards and making wines for 25 years already. Our wines are easy to digest, respect and express the terroirs and the ageing in barrels supports them without denaturing them. Our dream: to create a sober and expressive vineyard, and our credo: affordable wines, to share with friends, which pay the winemaker correctly, without becoming pure products of speculation!"
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The domain's short story

Elie and Muriel bought the Moulin de la Marzelle vineyard at the end of 2017 and decided to run it according to the principles of agro-ecology. 0 herbicide as early as 2017, organic conversion as early as 2018, first wine from the vineyard in organic conversion in 2019, first Vin Méthode Nature in 2020, and first organic wines in 2021! Biodiversity, maintenance and development of hedges, elaboration of expressive wines... a nice tasting note given by Andrea Larsson, best sommelier of the world, for the second wine of the domain, Château Tour Camillac 2018 (our first wine produced and marketed since the purchase of the property)! Gold medals in Lyon and Frankfurt for the 2019 vintage. The first vintage of the estate, Château le Moulin de la Marzelle aged 16 months in barrels has been recognized by the RVF, le Point and Cuisine et Vins de France as a new nugget to discover.

The winemaker's pride

Domaine Corporandy has a total surface area of 20 hectares in organic conversion, managed according to the principles of agro-ecology. With an average age of the vineyard of 30 years, different grape varieties are present on the terroir: 75% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc, on sandy-clay and clay-limestone soil. "Our first concern is to take care of life in all its forms". Elie and Muriel Corporandy aim to produce a sober wine ecosystem by drawing on its resources in moderation, while creating expressive, balanced and convivial wines.
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Pictures of the domain

The barrel cellar from the vines winemaker domain picture Blending workshop: become the author of your own wine. Reservations required. winemaker domain picture The Corporandy family winemaker domain picture  winemaker domain picture  winemaker domain picture


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