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Mas de Valbrune

The discovery of a great wine.

On the soil of Tressan, the alluvial terraces of the Hérault: "gravel", wind sand, or "Villafranchian pebbles" mix with Miocene marl and clay for the production of wine...

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(34) Hérault

On the Tressan terroir, the alluvial terraces of the Hérault: "gravel", wind sand, or "Villafranchian pebbles" rub shoulders with Miocene marl and clay for the production of Vins de France or IGP OC. The Cabrières terroir, an enclave in the garrigue, raw and natural of the Languedoc appellation, produces ample and fleshy wines with a clear accent on the surrounding nature. The soils here are the result of extreme upheavals in the primary area. The schist, which dominates, borders the limestone or sandstone. The complexity but also the freshness of a massif leaning against the foothills of the Massif Central make it an original and promising great terroir in Languedoc.

Our story

Mas de Valbrune was born from the reunion, within the family estate several hundred years old located in Tressan on the left bank of the Hérault river and the terroir of Cabrières located on the right bank a few kilometers away. We have been producing wines in Languedoc for many generations and have not escaped the "high yields" that were then the normal economic purpose of southern wines. When I settled on the estate, I first re-planted all our plots and then developed a range of wines with a strong and authentic personality.

Other little stories

As a young student I made my first wine; old equipment and traditional grape varieties for my baptism of fire! The wines were then sold to the local trade, not without difficulty. A few years later, I found the "pleasure samples" of these wines (samples that had been used at the time of the sale); I opened them and tasted them. Time had done its work and had metamorphosed, refined, revealed these Alicantes, Carignans, Cinsaults or Aramons. That day, we said to ourselves: why not imagine making great wines? It was the beginning of a new story...

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