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Sylvain Leest

Domaine created in 2014 with old grape varieties (12 sorts) on a little more than 4 ha, in the heart of a wine village once very dynamic, we counted more than 300 ha, in a corner of the vineyard, ...

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(36) Indre

Our story

It is in an old farm garage, on the edge of the tufa rock, that we make our wines before leaving them to rest for several months in the cellars. Our adventure began here seven years ago, after various experiences in France and abroad. The vines are old and worked with biodynamic preparations, instilled to the rhythm of the sowing calendar; the resulting wines come out of the canons of the region's wines, we give them time to make themselves, take the time to taste them without rushing them, they are like us, they are alive, they change with time.

Other little stories

The grape harvest is always a special moment in our lives; it is an opportunity for Man and Nature to meet, with the diversity of each... But we especially love the stories of Jako, the former winegrower, who is delighted to see the vines continue to live as they did when he grew them with his father... I never feel alone in my vineyards, life comes out everywhere!

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