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What could be more beautiful than to introduce curious people from all over the world to your profession, or to the gestures you have carried out for centuries? Wine tourism attracts more than 10 million visitors each year (according to Atout France). So if you are a winegrower, owner or operator, don’t wait any longer! Les Clppes gives you some tips to increase your direct sales.

Create a wine tourism offer

Before you start organizing your wine tourism activities, it is important to have a thorough reflection on what you want to offer to visitors. Visits to the cellars, visits to cellars, tastings not to mention them all? These are all activities that must be targeted and organized in such a way that tourists visiting the region come to see YOUR vineyards. Fortunately, there is a wide range of activities to offer: from the most classic to the most original. Indeed, if you have a space arranged for the public, you can practice the classic « visit of the vineyards + tasting« . If you want to attract tourists looking for new experiences, you can organize an escape game in the cellars, a ride in a vintage car in the vineyard, the aim being to introduce as many people as possible to the wine grower’s profession…!

Communicate on your wine tourism offer

After having developed a complete offer to make your vineyard discover in the most beautiful way to tourists passing through, it is very important to communicate to make this wine tourism offer known. There are different communication channels through which you will let visitors know that your domain is accessible:

  • your website is the ambassador of your offer. Indeed, some customers prefer the domain site for their purchases. It is therefore important to develop this means of communication to attract your customers to the other products you offer,
  • the media also play a central role in your communication strategy. In the 21st century, social networks are an essential means of promoting your company or products. If you are not yet comfortable with its technologies, don’t hesitate to get started… guaranteed results!
  • word of mouth is the winegrower’s best friend. It is known that word of mouth is the first source of information for the purchase decision (according to an Accenture study), and even more so when we talk about wine. So this solution, surely the cheapest, is undoubtedly an essential step in your communication campaign.

To make visitors taste its products

Thanks to the creation of your wine tourism offer and the associated communication, your sales volume may have increased. It is important to keep in mind that an oenotourist spends an average of 250€ on wine consumption and purchase at the estate (according to Atout France), which means that these are all potential recipes for your company. To achieve this, do not hesitate to taste your products during a tasting, to simply talk about your wines. Customers can therefore easily project themselves into tasting situations. Although some customers will buy your wines even though they did not taste them during their visit, having them taste their products is a seller and will allow you to increase your direct sales.

Make promotional offers

In the same way as a tasting, promotional offers attract both regular and non-consumer customers. There are various promotional operations that will increase your sales volumes:

  • Contest games: relay your contest on social networks to win a bottle of wine or a visit to the vineyard for the winner. This technique is beneficial in two ways: to make you talk about yourself as a wine seller and as a wine tourism destination.
  • Selling with a bonus: offer an accessory or product. You will be able to practice this offer under different terms and conditions (one product offered for every 3 products purchased, one product offered for the 10th purchase). This program helps to build customer loyalty and to introduce new products that customers are likely to consume.
  • price discounts: publish discount coupons in a local newspaper and offer 20% or 30% on a selection of products. You can also launch a special offer (based on the Wine Fair model) that reduces product prices for a specific period of time.

Finally, after designing your wine tourism offer, you will be able to enjoy the increase in your direct sales thanks to the tips listed above. So if you want to start wine tourism, don’t wait any longer!

Lucas Chartier

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