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In the South Ardèche, the vines produce Côtes du Rhône, Côtes du Rhône villages and Côtes du Vivarais appellation wines. They benefit from varied terroirs and grandiose landscapes where water has its imprint. Starting with the Rhone, to the east. He has shaped hillsides and terraces that benefit not only the vineyard but also the cyclists who can follow its course over several kilometres thanks to the ViaRhôna.

Everywhere beneath our feet, the passage of water has patiently carved the rock for 15,000 years. Cavities, avens and other caves have thus been formed, some of which are true wonders. that we can visit. This limestone and mineral soil gives its identity to the wines of the Ardèche.

In the South, it is the river Ardèche which gives rhythm to the landscapes. It meanders for over 22 km and gently rushes into gorges with holm oak wooded slopes and limestone cliffs. Here, it is the sportsmen who invest the place. The vines stay behind, away from the sun, and gild in the sun on limestone soils.

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