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Champagne Gratiot-Delugny

Innovation and Terroir

Winegrowers from father to son since 1947, the Gratiot Delugny Champagne House combines tradition and innovation to offer a range of rare champagnes with character.

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(02) Aisne

Located in the Marne Valley, the vineyard currently covers 9 hectares 65 ares of vines deployed on clay-limestone soils and a different sunshine of the parcels.
The different grape varieties are harmoniously distributed according to their best location.

- The Chardonnay variety represents 2 ha 90 ares. It gives finesse and elegance to the champagne.

- The Pinot Meunier variety, with a little more than 50% of the vineyard, covers an area of 4 ha. It brings fruity and aromatic characteristics to the champagnes.

- The Pinot Noir grape variety represents 2 ha 31 ares. It gives the wine a robust and powerful structure.

From a young age, David has reintroduced forgotten grape varieties to the estate. Always in the spirit of being inspired by the work of past generations to create resolutely modern and unique vintages.

- Petit Meslier, on 34 ares, the first forgotten grape variety reintroduced into the estate by David, still a teenager, gives you the brand new "Bulles d'Avenir" vintage.

- The Pinot Gris, on 31 ares, is preparing a nice surprise for you next year.

- And the Pinot Blanc, of which we have just planted 28 ares, will give its first harvest in a few years.

Our story

Since the first bottles were marketed in 1947, several generations have succeeded each other at the Champagne Gratiot Delugny house. David Gratiot, who took over the complete operation of the company in 2019, has been responsible for the operation of the vineyards and the elaboration of the champagne of our house for over 20 years. Passionate about this profession, in which he has been immersed since his childhood with his parents and grandparents, he has always been attracted to creation, while being, which might seem paradoxical, very rooted in tradition and respectful of the know-how of his elders. The cuvée "Bulles d'Avenir", the latest product of his adventurous spirit, a unique champagne totally different from any other champagne, composed of 100% Petit Meslier, an ancient grape variety, and aged in oak barrels, is resolutely the proof (

Other little stories

It's very exciting to see David's excitement as he thinks about the new wines he wants to create, ideas that are so original you'll rarely find elsewhere.

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Champagne Gratiot-Delugny
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