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Champagne Jeaunaux-Robin - Cyril Jeaunaux

Champagne Jeaunaux-Robin, Champagne

Cyril Jeaunaux
Duration 1h30
Adults up to 6

Activity Details

Welcome to the Petit Morin Valley and its vineyards... After a visit starting from the vines, passing through the presses, the vat room, the ageing cellars and the dressing workshop, we will make you taste three of the estate's vintages, to help you discover the expression of our terroir.

Further information

  • Duration of the activity : 1h30
  • Payment of the activity : Directly to the winery place
  • Handicap access : Yes

The domain

You could say that I was cradled in the vineyards. Son and grandson of a winegrower, since I was a child I followed my grandmother who took care of the vineyard. My parents, who are also winegrowers, taught me everything. This is how I knew from my earliest childhood that I would turn my passion for wine into a profession!....

Champagne Jeaunaux-Robin
1 Rue de Bannay
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